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It is said that women are more emotional than men. Also watching TV movies, women tend to be more prone to emotional ups and downs with the plot.

To the emotional, but also easier to be led, what he said, she believed in what, so some men are using this, deliberately deceived.

1. Mobile phone settings dual system

“I’m just after soul freedom, but I’m not going to do anything sorry to my wife.”

Sam was a former colleague of mine, and when I first met him, I thought the boy was very capable of business, high emotional security, married at a young age, and looked very good.

It was hard to believe it when I heard about him later.

Sam often works late to get home after getting married, and asks, “It’s not fun to go home to the same person.” ”

Later heard that the mobile phone can set up a dual system, feel curious to get a little.

“Why do men in relationships go on dating sites—-Men’s stratagem”

After the success of the setup, the first time downloaded “match”, “bothlive” all kinds of dating software can chat with strangers, after all, under the dual system, even if the wife turned the phone can not see these. On the way to and from work, after work in the company “voluntary overtime”, is his mouth “soul free moment.”

He said: I never cross the moment, just full of curiosity about the world, a wife is first love, do not know what kind of character other than her, so want to talk to them. When I got home, I was still the “good man” who fell asleep with his wife in his arms.

2. Do not exchange mobile phone passwords

“She loves me so trust me, I’m just taking advantage of her beliefs.”

Compared to Sam in the last story, different people have different definitions, some forgive his curiosity, some people can’t stand mental insanity, arguments are different.

But Mr. C can be said to use his professional characteristics and chat skills, the “bad man” interpretation of the most vivid.

Mr. C because of the special work, often need to dock some confidential company documents, so the mobile phone needs to be very strict, explained to his girlfriend, the mobile phone check-in link will naturally be exempted.

Girlfriend does not look at the mobile phone, in C’s own words is “more proud than winning the grand prize.”

Because he can chat with any woman on his phone, he doesn’t have to worry about his girlfriend checking her phone. “But just in case, I set a password for each software group.” 

“Why do men in relationships go on dating sites—-Men’s stratagem”

Mr. Light Chat C couldn’t be satisfied, and he began to have a further relationship with one “other girlfriend” after another.

He said: even if the evening does not go home is not much of a problem, company over time, go back to do some romance to buy a gift to say two sweet words, it is best to engage in a little, she was heart-wringing and moved, suspicion naturally disappeared. Girlfriends are the easiest to cajole.

3. Don’t socialize because of “work needs”

Now socializing after falling in love seems to have become a sense of ritual. Most girls want their boyfriends and friends to have their own photos to declare sovereignty, but not all boys do it.

Feelings are like this, one dares to cheat, one is willing to believe.

Some people say, “What do women do even if they know this?” To question your boyfriend? But who knows what he said is true and false? ”

I want to say, don’t over-believe in things, but it’s not about letting you guess at will, causing a crisis of confidence. Just as we know some ways to defend ourselves, it doesn’t make you play tricks on anyone. Understanding is not a bad thing.

What you need to do is to rely on your understanding of him, learn to observe the details more rationally and then make a judgment, if you think about it after no problem, you do not have to think too much, there is a problem to do timely stop loss, it is also very important.

Using rational thinking to talk about things after the fact, and then choose trust, is a matter of two things.

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