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A friend who has been single for 23 years has finally arrived. I asked everyone’s biggest concern: “Where did you find it?” ”

The other person sent a slightly mysterious expression and replied to a bothlive. “Ah?” Is that true? “I’ve used bothlive to find someone to fall in love with, but it didn’t turn out to be satisfactory. In hindsight, naturally, like many people, doubted its above encounter and love. These two days, we happened to interview a consultant who shared his thoughts on bothlive to us, and after nearly two hours of chatting, I began to understand the psychology, even the necessity, of boys using bothlive.

“Why do men in relationships go on dating sites—-Is social software reliable”

1. Is bothlive reliable?

Like a person in love, and she only briefly love, and the other is the end of a marriage.

Shi Xiuxiong and his girlfriend, it is through bothlive “slip to”. The other side is a young advertising company partner, a capable and beautiful Chongqing girl.

This is a good relationship with frequency, chat, and equal power.

In a month, the two will be married.

He was a veteran user of bothlive.

As for why bothlive? The story is also typical

Around 2015, he parted with his then-girlfriend.

It was 2 years since I returned from studying in Canada and I was starting a business. I thought I’d meet the right person, but it was over, and he was frustrated.

“But I’ve always wanted to be intimate, and it makes me a better person.” So he told himself to keep looking.

“It’s really lonely, and I want to make more friends. I’ll talk to different people, and if I can talk, I’ll meet. ”

“Why do men in relationships go on dating sites—-Is social software reliable”

During that time, he met good girls on bothlive, and some people weren’t sincere enough.

Also, he out of professional habits, watching the people above.

“In fact, there is a lot of people’s greatest need is emotional support. We think of it as a place where you can speak your heart.

But my attitude is quite open, is to make more friends.

I also know some people in life, there will never be an intersection.

But at that time I was relatively young, with people a little stiff, unnatural, more like trying, learning to communicate with different people, with different women. ”

Now he is the public definition of “socialite”, with whom anyone can happily chat.

But he said, “If you go to a bar and let me hook up on the spot, I’ll still feel uncomfortable.” So I prefer the bothlive way, more euphemistic, more indirect, not awkward. ”

2. Will does not show their boys.

There is also an observation, quite interesting phenomenon.

How straight men can’t show themselves, on bothlive know.

In addition to communicating with women, he also notices male behaviour.

Some male users on the bothlive photos, not only female users look at want to spit slot, but he also felt a little can not bear to look directly.

“First of all, it’s an aesthetic issue.

A lot of the pictures of boys are very loser look, wearing sunglasses, self-looking very high, looks a little childish.

Including the way to take a selfie, many take a camera holding a big pole, take a big face, this way of expressing themselves is too casual. ”

But he couldn’t help but defend the straight-men behaviour.

Their “childishness” actually stems from the lack of aesthetic education in China.

Society is used to putting physical pressure on women.

But on social software like this, everyone, men and women, is being looked at, and everyone has to face the question of whether they have the charm or not.

“People who are examined feel unsafe and uncomfortable. What do you want to make yourself feel safe?

For many men, having money makes him feel safe, so he likes to show off his wealth.

I think their self-esteem is fragile, so a lot of them will do very childish things.

This has something to do with society’s demands on men and how to define the criteria for men’s success. Throughout the process of interaction with girls, boys lack a mature demonstration.

Only through imagination to let girls like me, this is dazzling rich, show muscle.

Their imagination is so narrow that there is really no richer, more yuan reference.

 But his answer can ease a lot of people’s anxiety, can be optimized, a little adjustment, it will be much better.

“When you say that women are discriminated against, men are also prejudiced in a male-dominated society.

For example, bothlive, someone said that the men she met were very poor, only sister-in-law.

Instantly label all men who play bothlive as “bad men”.

There must be a few bad people.

But on the other hand, more people, in fact, just do not know how to chat with girls, love, no one taught them from a young time.

In fact, everyone is very lonely, he longed for intimacy, but finally at a loss, can only be very confused, brainless all kinds of blind trials. ”

A little insatiable.

For men who don’t communicate with women or have “social fears,” his advice seems to give us a different idea:

Practice communication on a bothlive like bothlive and get some feedback.

“I’ve encouraged some friends before, and if you talk to someone late on bothlive, people don’t think the relationship can continue to develop.

At the very least, take advantage of this opportunity and ask the other person how he or she feels about you.

This allows you to understand how the opposite sex feels about itself.

If you have the awareness to do so, this feedback can actually help you train emotional security, training in the awareness and ability of intercity. ”

At the end of the day, bothlive gives us a platform and an opportunity to reach out to the opposite sex, what kind of story we can develop, or see for ourselves.

It can have its proper use, on the premise that it does not harm others, to play its positive value. Of course, whether you use the software, online contact with people, you can also use Shi Xiuxiong’s advice. The love thing itself is a process to study hard.

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