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Becky, my boyfriend was chatting with another girl on Whatsapp and I got caught again. But he told me, is I think a lot, chat on the Internet, just for fun, but in reality, is still very good to me. I don’t think things really went wrong, so I just deleted all the female friends on his list, but as long as I saw him playing cell phone, I was still nervous, what should I do? She sent for help.

‘’Why do men in relationships go on dating sites

“To what extent did you chat?” I asked.

“The girl sent her all kinds of selfies, and he asked if her chest was big again recently, and he said he wanted to know the world under her skirt…” she captioned it.

I said, “On this scale of chat, isn’t it the first time you’ve found out?” ”

“Well, there are several girls, are different, but the positive girlfriend is my one, he and I promised not to commit again this time, because the duty is too lonely, so …”

That’s a credible reason, too?

Lonely? How can you be lonely with a girlfriend!

Men do yearn for something fresh, but there is a class of men who are simply chatting around all year-year-old as their daily life.

When you are not caught the bag, he is a flawless good husband typical; when caught by you, he will quite care to tell you that you think more, but also tell you to chat this kind of thing, all day long men will do, the key is to see his real-life performance!

Don’t be silly, women!

Do you know why they keep talking around?

What can happen if you talk!

Because, as long as you forgive this time, you will be crazy!

All a woman’s last forgiveness is always at the expense of torturing herself.

‘’Why do men in relationships go on dating sites


If a man chats with you and says the following, you basically don’t have to doubt it, he won’t change it, and he’ll keep chatting:

1, “Just chat, you think a lot.” ”

He’s testing your bottom line, and if you think it makes sense, he’s right.

2, “I’m just playing with them, and it doesn’t affect our feelings.” ”

Trying to make you think you’re a real girlfriend if you think your status is really special, congratulations, in the days to come, he will never stop looking for a woman. 

‘’Why do men in relationships go on dating sites

3, “You are really very annoying, all day so you are not tired?” ”

Whether he’s going to say you’re too suspicious next, or whether he’s promoting a man who doesn’t steal fishy remarks, it’s a bit of a confirmation that he’s bluffing and making unfounded.

4, “We didn’t happen anything!” ”

Whether this kind of thing can be forgiven depends on nature, not the degree.

Most of the men who use the “we didn’t happen” question come from me, mostly because “they haven’t happened yet.”

Almost every man’s social software has secrets, but not every man is so unsymonscing.

The more low-self-esteem a man is, the more he hopes to acquire the illusion that he is popular with women through this cheap social way.

And men who are busy chatting all year-time, men who are busy booing different women and asking for warmth, tend to have cheap time.

This kind of man will not have any great achievements, throw it away, it is not a pity.

A woman trusts you enough because you give her a sense of security in advance.

She’s crazy and suspicious, probably just because she hasn’t been cared for or loved for so long.

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