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With the development of modern technology, almost every young person has become the depth of social platform users, used to you to give me self-portrait likes, I give you the point of view message. Sometimes even feel that friends who don’t play social app don’t live in the same dimension as themselves.

But looking back and feel wrong, if a person’s existence must be social software and data information to prove, then he gave you a smile in the morning, mouth to say good morning to you or really?

“Contemporary consensus: young people who don’t play any social app = ghosts”

British team Comic Relief filmed a short film around this, telling us that when a person who doesn’t use any social software becomes the hero, the whole story is like a thriller.

The main character of the short film is the two above. Soon, the hero captured the heroine’s heart, so that she thought she had met the real son of life.

Until one day, the heroine carefully selected the angle and filter, gave the two of them a photo, out of the effect is too good, not to the FB (Facebook) can be said to be not human, so she happily announced:

I’m going to be at the bottom of the photo for you.

If you change the average person must be very happy. After all, in an age of > and real images, relationships that can be exposed on social platforms are truly defined relationships.

But the hero can be the average person, for the heroine to declare sovereignty in the virtual world behaviour, he said very calmly: you sunbathing photos on the line, do not use me, because I do not play FB.

??? The heroine listened unconcernedly, but she didn’t realize that this was just the beginning of her nightmare.

Because the hero said that he not only does not play FB but also does not use any social software, the only communication tool is this ancestral mobile phone.

“Contemporary consensus: young people who don’t play any social app = ghosts”

Because this thing breaks up obviously a little silly, after the date, the two went back to each other, the heroine immediately opened the computer to check the hero’s FB account.

You say no, what if it’s a lie? What if you secretly don’t tell anyone?

With the unique certainly of modern people, the heroine launched a variety of searches, but after efforts to find that there is really no such person, her first reaction is –

Anyway, “new boyfriends don’t play FB” is always a big deal, the heroine called out the friends, they also heard feel incredible, surprised after the first reaction is –

When the heroine replied that the hero was showed to her in front of her, the friends blew up: God? This man’s afraid he crossed in 1995, isn’t he?

No, the heroine is also very distressed, love not only can not receive her boyfriend’s mosaic photos, but their own pictures of Mimi also can not be sent to him, very unfortunate.

In short, the heroine really panicked, said all cried, friends can only comfort her nothing, but there is such a boyfriend, in the end, there is nothing, they are not sure.

So they started an all-web survey of the hero, the results were disappointing, all can think of social APP without his figure.

A tech friend took off his glasses in pain: I couldn’t find the man’s data footprints at all, he didn’t even have a net disc.

It’s scary to think that someone you’ve just met and a group of people you don’t know are trying to track everything about you through your social network. (Focus Error 2.0)

However, in modern life, social network transparency is everyone’s consensus, things are abnormal must have demons, distress, the heroine began to fear.

She didn’t know what the hero had done last summer, because she couldn’t find it on the FB;

She didn’t know the hero had talked about a few girlfriends, because Follower couldn’t find them;

She doesn’t know whose songs the hero likes to listen to, whose movies he watches, and which restaurant he eats, because all social apps don’t keep a visitor’s message.

Because she couldn’t track him down, he was completely out of control, and it was possible to say he was a ghost.

Storage doesn’t exist? The heroine also can not say, clearly and the hero together every second is true, but only exist in memory, there is no data record.

– Who the hell is he?

– I don’t know.

– So how dare you be with him?

In this way, the hostess’s public running back tells the audience:

Between words, not just one country, this short film should be a picture of an entire generation.

When the heroine watches the movie on the phone code film review, see the news on the phone code view, the people around her indifferent, she can’t help but ask: “If you have an idea of something, how do you share it to others?” ”

The hero frowned and thought for a little, and answered

In his opinion, love you and the person you love is around, crooked can express the idea, why must be posted online to share with others?

Although the hero seems to have no record of his own life, the heroine still found a photo album in his home, which is plastered with his friends, travel scenery, life bit by bit.

In this regard, the heroine’s reaction is probably also countless online red heart.

The photo in the album may not look good on the mobile phone, but in contrast, the phone said delete deleted, really can not be restored, paper photos can hesitate in your wallet for many years, lost can really be gone.

When the heroine’s friend taunted her: “You don’t even know what people ate at noon, do you?” She could only respond ruefully: of course! He doesn’t take pictures, how can he know! Unless

At this moment they still don’t understand the hero’s idea:

“Social software just describes a person’s existence to the world, but I’d prefer to tell people I care about in person.”

Surely everyone wants to know what happened to the pair, in the end, the end of the story is the hero with wine and wine glass appeared at a friend’s party, scared the girls all kinds of screams.

In fact, the hero’s last appearance is very understandable:

“I can’t meet your friends online, but in reality, we can have a drink.”

That is, this moment, the heroine’s friends saw the hero himself, only finally willing to admit that this person is really “existent.”

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