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Fragile, sensitive, not unsafe, put together, the high probability is related to lack of love (unsafe attachment).

First, vulnerability The first keyword is vulnerability, how is a vulnerability caused? In a native family, if your parents don’t let you grow up, it’s really hard for you to grow up. It’s not hard to stop your mind from growing up, just keep reminding you that you’re weak, inability, or a child. For example, we often say that doting is a manifestation of depriving children of their obligations, glory to bloom their rights. “I’ll stack the beers” “You fold bad, study hard” “I want to participate in this basketball game” “delay learning, no good, don’t go” So in the native family, you are very weak, you always remember that you are a child, even if you are nearly forty still feel like a child.

“Do guys find vulnerability attractive and is frailty lack of love” 

Another keyword is sensitive, how is sensitivity caused? In the native family, the more the injury from the parents is not preventable, the more easily the heart is injured.

“Do guys find vulnerability attractive and is frailty lack of love”

Be sensitive, you can do a precaution in advance, do a good job of psychological preparation, the more sensitive, the more the environment lets you feel the risk factors.

Third, vulnerability and sensitivity to combine vulnerability and sensitivity to see: the more vulnerable the injury, the more vulnerable the injury the more highly sensitive, the more highly sensitive the more affect the mental growth, the effect the mental growth more vulnerable. It’s a closed-loop system, and then it’s stuck in this system, and nothing’s going to change.

I can’t stand giving unilaterally all the time. There is also the possibility of encountering emotional liars, cheating money. After a break-up, a controlled set of actions, your mind may break down even more. Towards mental maturity is a long way, the first step is to heal the lack of love, in the heart to build love and be loved psychological structure, there is a more mature attachment relationship model, from the parent-child attachment model to more mature peer attachment and sexual attachment, thus opening a new situation in their own lives, out of a new chapter in life. 

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