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A marginal personality disorder is also very emotionally extreme and very unstable. Edge personality disorder can be said to be the most emotional extreme, the most wavering personality disorder.

“Explanation of borderline personality disorder relationships and cheating”

Let’s start with a description of borderline personality disorder in DSM5.

What is a borderline personality disorder? What do people who don’t understand the word think  side shape? I think, in fact, a special image of a way to remember the word is that you think of two extremes, he is suddenly very good with you, suddenly especially hate you.

You must abandon him, you have to hurt him, he can even say you want to leave me, then I die to show you, I kill myself first, I first threaten you, I see if you can leave, in the state of polarized emotional behaviour expression.

So it’s very hard to be in an intimate relationship with a patient with a borderline personality disorder, such as having an elder in the house, or saying that a child has a borderline personality disorder, or when a friend or colleague has a personality disorder, it makes it difficult for those around us to experience this interaction with him. And because of the other side’s extreme side, extreme behaviour and emotional expression, but also often cause the patient’s side of the person, his relationship object has a lot of anger and even injury and other emotions. 

“Explanation of borderline personality disorder relationships and cheating”

In addition to the unstable psychological pattern of emotional expression, the core of the marginal personality disorder lies in the instability of his self-worth and the instability of his self-image. What is the instability of self-worth? If parents give us basic interaction in the experience of growing up, then my heart is relatively stable, I know I am, I know I am more accepted, I know that there are times when I will make mistakes parents will train me, but they are still physically inclusive of me, I am safe in this home, I will not be easily abandoned, this growing up experience will give us a more stable self-worth

So when we don’t have this experience, the sense of self-worth can be very unstable, and if I do something wrong, can I be abandoned?

There is also the instability of self-image. For example, I have come into contact with people in the United States before, their hair colour change, dye different colours of hair, or different styles of dress, dress style also changed, in fact, to some extent reflects their self-image instability. Am I really a lady? Or am I a wild man? Or am I a special professional? Or am I very punk, very artist? Their answers to these questions are not stable.

Generally speaking, most of the time, an adult into social work for several years, he has his own stable social device, family support atmosphere, he will be more comfortable than comfortable to accept their own self-image state, then the marginal personality disorder of the individual often less than this, we can see their self-shape and their self-worth, are very easy to change, with any subtle changes in life or pressure, there will be some changes, There are times when it’s an extreme change.

I put the general description down, then the following is the edge personality disorder 9 characteristics, I would like to introduce with you.

The first trait is that patients with the marginal personality disorder mentioned earlier have a very serious fear of abandonment. They will try to avoid real abandonment, or they will come up with abandonment. Often such a practice is actually in line with a psychological concept called self-mind effect, that is, what we think in our hearts, think that something will happen, we will follow this result to do. Because I am worried about being abandoned in my heart, so I am always ready, once I was abandoned I want to do something, and the other side wants to abandon me, how do I insist, how do I want him to change his idea.

So I have been in a conscious fighting form, so I am very tired, not only I am very tired, but my relationship is also very tired, often such a relationship is difficult to really long-term. So bias is that they worry about being abandoned, but often end up being abandoned, so this is a painful self-cycle that people without borderline personality disorder can’t think of. This is the first point, they try to avoid the real or their own out of the abandonment.

The second characteristic is that they have one or more very unstable and intense patterns of interpersonal relationships. The word tight can be understood as tension, and you can also be understood as emotional tension. A lot of people are full of emotions, all of a sudden I love you, my favourite in the world is you, I especially need you, otherwise, I hate you very much, I must find a way to hurt you. So they often alternate between extreme thought and extreme each other’s debasement and injury, and sometimes even within a day or even hours.

So it’s a type of personality disorder that’s hard for the general public to bear and then very tired.

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