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The vagina is a mythical body part. For thousands of years, people, regardless of gender, have been fascinated by them. Unlike the penis, which is apparently elongated from the body in an obvious way, the vagina is more like a hole – an entrance, an opening, or a more humble gap.

From Freud’s idea of a woman suffering from “penis jealousy” to Georgia O’Keefe’s vulva flower painting, the vagina has captured the imagination and wisdom of many years. But, in fact, no matter what men think about the vagina, there’s still a lot they don’t know.

This can be attributed in part to the poor quality of sex education, even in the twenty-first century. Abstinence and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases remain the focus of attention, not pleasure, otherwise, well-educated men are often anatomically at a loss.

Not to mention, at any given moment, there are many myths about vaginal floating. Basically, they are rumours from one person to another, from writer to reader, from screen to audience, and although they are far from the truth, they are inevitably accepted as hard truths.

To help you better understand your vagina, here are some myths from when we all stopped believing, and the truth we should use to update our psychological “vaginal” archives.

Yes, it will help you have better sex.

Vagina is a myth: The labia and clitoris are also part of the vagina

For some people, the vagina is between a woman’s legs, that’s all. Inside? Vaginal. Outside? Vaginal. Clitoris, little labia, big labia? Vagina, vagina, vagina.

Reality: Actually, it’s not… How it works.

“Vaginas and vulvas .com are not the same things,” says Kayla Lords of Jack and Jill Adult, a professor at the university. The vision is the entire area, including the vagina. The vagina is where fingers, penises, or sex toys are inserted. ”

Harmful reason: As vaginal mythology goes on, it’s not actually that harmful, but it’s sexist – it means you don’t know or understand the vagina well enough to understand terminology correctly.

If a woman thinks a man’s testicles are part of a penis, she’s wrong, and that’s obviously the case. Essentially, this is equivalent to what happens when a man calls avulse a vagina.

2. Misunderstanding: Vaginal delivery becomes sagging or sagging from many sexual or multiple partners

Of course, men generally (and harmfully) believe that if the vagina is penetrated by many penises, it will sag. Men like to suggest that it’s bad for a woman to have sex with too many men because her vagina must be loose, which is a classic (and terrible) example of slut cheating.

Reality: Actually, it’s not how the vagina works at all.

Mackenzie Get an email address at riel.com. It’s ad-free, reliable email that’s based on your own name | riel.com (http://Riel.com) a six-pointer at TooTimid, said: “The vagina is like a loose strip that can be stretched and stretched, but once released, it regains its shape. “Unless there is a lot of trauma, a lot of penetration over time doesn’t damage the size of the vagina.”

In fact, many people think vaginal tightness is ideal for male pleasure, but it doesn’t actually bode well.

When a woman is strongly awakened, her vagina naturally relaxes, which makes sex easier and really enjoys it,” Riel says. “The vagina is tense for a variety of reasons, often due to anxiety, depression, low libido, or just not causing enough time.”

Why it’s harmful: Telling women that they shouldn’t enjoy sex like men is a double standard that seriously bothers us. What’re more, baseless misconceptions about vaginal size make the problem even worse.

Imagine being a little boy and growing up afraid that if you have too much sex, your penis will get smaller because you’ve heard some women joke that men’s sexual intercourse is squeezed by a tight vagina.

Isn’t that weird?

Vagina is a myth: Vagina is the most important part

Not surprisingly, many men are obsessed with vaginas. After all, the noblest form of sex is penetration, almost to the point where many people don’t even think of oral sex or manual stimulation as sex at all. Pornography also tends to put penis-inserted vaginal sex first, adding more motivation to the topic.

Reality: The truth is that women’s anatomy is more important than vaginal tubes, and women are more fun.

“Yes, you might want to put a dick in it, but the whole area should be there, needed and eager to attract (for many women),” Lodz said. Touch her mons (shame m). Pay attention to her pulse lip or inner labia. These are super sensitive places that are likely to make her crave madly. ”

Why it’s harmful: Imagine if you had sex with someone and they just wanted to play ball with you. You may not hate this feeling, but the fact that they ignore the roots and head of the penis can be disappointing, and it’s almost impossible for you to reach orgasm.

This happens more or less when you ignore the clitoris and labia in favour of the vagina – sex is less interesting to others. As the House of Lords points out, “When she has a better sexual experience, so do you.” ”

4. Myth: Infiltration alone will lead to orgasm

If you’re used to what’s happening, you might believe the other thing is that women reach orgasm because of infiltration. All it takes is a violent tap from a large erect penis and put them into sexual ecstasy, right?

Reality: Unfortunately, this is completely untrue, and while it can be exciting to see it happen so easily and easily in videos, in real life, female orgasms can be more complicated.

“Only about 18 to 20 percent of women can orgasm through vaginal penis sex,” says Dr. Emily Morse, SKYN’s expert on sex and intimacy. ”

Lodz added: Whatever convinces you, most women don’t penetrate alone. “Yes, some vols patients like G-point stimulation and can leave like this, but more people only need clitoris stimulation, or clitoris and G-point at the same time.”

Why it’s harmful: Well, for beginners, that means less sexual pleasure for about half of the global population.

“Most women need some kind of clitoris stimulation to orgasm, but so many people (men and women) think that ancient inside and outside is enough,” Morse said. “The more time you spend on other aspects of sex, the happier you both will be.”

In addition to the possibility that one of the two people involved in a two-sex act will not orgasm, there is also the reality that not being able to get your partner to orgasm can be deeply embarrassing and humiliating. Being said to be a partner can also make you feel like you have a problem with your body, and in fact, all you have to do is add some clitoris stimulation to the mix.

Myth: Touching the vagina can cause immediate wake-up

If you have a penis, you may be used to the idea that rubbing your penis can cause wake-up. It is then logical to assume that the same applies to the vagina to some extent. If you start pointing at each other’s vaginas, they will automatically open… Is that right? Not so much.

Reality: According to Morse, most men and women have different patterns of desire.

Spontaneous desire, which is the behaviour of many people, means that you can easily open it as you wish. The desire to be responsive (which is how many women work) means she needs more help.

“Your girlfriend can walk through the door and as soon as you see her, you’re immediately opened and want to take her away right away,” Morse said. “But your girlfriend just got off work and had to go to the bathroom and starve – so sex was the last thing on her mind. She may need to warm up to fit her emotions. ”

In this case, warm-up means psychological stimulation, not physical stimulation. Just fingering her pants is more likely to annoy her or scare her than anything else. Instead, you want to move slowly so that she feels comfortable with her steps before trying to touch her genitals.

Why it’s harmful: Misconceptions about gender, gender and gender are a bad idea. It can lead to physical and emotional confusion, depression and (possibly) pain. You’re going to try to do something they don’t like, and they’re going to respond negatively, and the whole moment is going to be a mess.

Keep in mind the following: Before you put your hand into your partner’s pants, focus on psychologically stimulating your partner.

6. Myth: The value should have some way

Pornography is the main reason why people mistakenly think that versions should appear in some way.

If you’ve seen quite a few mainstream porns, you’re probably used to seeing women without pubic hair and quality meet fairly narrow ideals. Also, if you see more validity than in real life, you may start to think that all quality is the same.

Reality: Like every other aspect of the human body, there are many changes between a person’s legs. There are short, long penises, fat and thin penises, straight and curved penises, dark and light penises – the same principle applies to the vulva.

“Unless a woman has a sexually preceded or non-feminine characteristic, there’s actually no specific appearance that should be there,” Riel said. “The vuls is available in all shapes and sizes, depending on the woman and her body.”

Most vaginal colours are very similar, regardless of race or background, she added.

Why it’s harmful: If you’ve ever felt unsafe about the size of your penis or any other aspect of your body, you may think of someone telling you that your private area doesn’t look right.

“One of the scary myths is how much labia a woman should have, which is another biological or genetic factor that makes the vuls appear uncontrolled,” Riel said. ”

Harmful myths like these cause a lot of stigma, anxiety and worthlessness, and can lead people to seek surgery rather than simply caring for their bodies. When making assumptions about the penis, this is unfair and applies equally to the vagina.

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