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1. Strong emotional perception, like an all-around multi-angle high sensitivity radar, can instantly get a large amount of emotional information from the people and things encountered. The amount of information is not at all within the scope of normal handling, so it can be hurt, denigrated, loved and hurt. Yes, melted by the warmth, and then shy escape, otherwise it is grateful to express their favourite happiness. It’s all very uncomfortable.

Performance of borderline personality disorder relationships and cheating 2. Stable instability, sexual orientation, hobbies, gender, ideas, worldviews, values are all changing dramatically, and any individual trait can be changed at will. Nothing forms a stable existence. It’s a shell that can fill any trait quickly. Any traits can also be discarded quickly.

3. The sense of emptiness is meaningless because there is no stable quality of their own, so the inevitable skepticism about the perils, and from time to time the feeling is that in such a situation. The qualities that past experiences have given you can be easily thrown away, and  really bad. Always escape the sense of confusion and emptiness

Performance of borderline personality disorder relationships and cheating 4. Daily grievances and occasional anger

Daily contact with others all rely on patience, feel that they are garbage, please others, attachment to others is a necessary means of survival. Occasionally too uncomfortable will break out, the anger of the heart suddenly sprang out, reckless anger, and crazy almost. Too much for others to think you’re out of spirits.

5. Unable to establish stable relationships with others

The emotional needs of others are strong and demanding, so without a friend, I always feel very disappointed. I don’t have a friend. Always feel that my true feelings have been mishandled. Friend a did not accompany themselves to the hospital, very sad, the heart has been to the other side of a big fork, on the surface or smile without blame, afraid of the other side angry relationship broke down. It’s sad to have all kinds of tests in the hospital alone with an infusion bottle.

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