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Some ideas about making her feel good

Before you get any tips or tricks on how to make her emotional, it’s important to first understand what we’re talking about when we’re talking about causing someone’s problems. 

The first thing you should know? There may not be any quick fixes here.

“Women don’t have .com,” says Kayla Lords, a woman who is based in the U.S. for the day. “It’s not about finding the right button, it’s about finding the right button, it’s about dying for sex, like magic. While this may be useful for some women, others need more time to flirt, communicate, wake up, etc.

In addition to the long process of sexual arousal that is usually required than men, the reality is that some women have lower libido, both naturally and in part because of past trauma. 

Having said that, the problem may be deep-rooted and more related to your specific chemical reactions and interactions. If this is the case, keep in mind many different things.  

First, the importance of sexual foreplay. 

Mackenzie Riel, a sex and .com expert at adult novelty and romantic retailer To Timid.com (http://Timid.com), said: “Expanding foreplay is essential to completely having a woman’s libido. “The foreplay doesn’t have to be going out in the wild, it’s about kissing and exploring each other’s bodies before you really fall and get dirty.”

“But acting isn’t just one thing; there are a lot of things you can do to make foreplay more interesting,” she says. From kissing, dry humps to using external toys to get her warmed up to penetrate, it’s all there is to it. ”

However, it is important not to over-tease.

“Playing is a good thing in a way, but if you use it as a primary tactic, it becomes harder than sexy,” Riel adds. “Taking care of different parts of her body and changing her speed is a better way for her to continue to wonder what’s naughty. If anything, you should touch her too much, especially before a hilarious sexual act.

For dr@SexWithDrJess Jesse O’Reilly, host of the “@SexWithDrJess” podcast, physical stimulation can set back their psychological counterparts.

“Usually, we focus so much on physics, such as touch, that we forget that the brain is the most powerful sex organ,” she says. Instead, she suggests investigating what she calls her partner’s “pornographic taste.”

“It’s the feeling they need to potentially get sex,” O’Reilly says. Everyone is different. Do they need to be loved to have sex? Do they need to be sexy? Do they need to feel expected, safe, appreciated, challenged or relaxed? Once you know how they feel, you can do everything you can to meet their emotional and physical needs. ”

Another important thing to keep in mind – consistent with the concept of core erotic sensations – is that awakening occurs differently for different people, which makes communication even more important.

“Something that works for your last partner doesn’t necessarily work for a new partner, ” says Lodz. “If you have any questions, please ask. Tell me about it. Be open to trying new things. When you give your current partner what she wants and needs, she often has sex. ”

Finally, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to expect your partner to become at random, especially if your current life situation is not conducive to sex. 

“Desire doesn’t always happen spontaneously,” O’Reilly said. “Sometimes you have to create desire, and responding to sexual desire is the norm for many people. If you don’t spontaneously want to have sex and need to be awakened before you experience desire, you’re right. ”

How to keep her in a good mood?

1. Try the product

Throwing money at problems may seem like a quick fix, but people actually buy sex toys and products for a reason to help improve your sex life. The House of Lords advises your partner to know “if she brings the vibrator to bed”, while Rael says it is enough to “add stinging lubricant to the foreplay”. 

She added: “Instead of using your fingers or mouth completely, rub cool or tingling lubricant along the clitoris and make her fall asleep at different speeds.” “It’s a close move, but it’s definitely going to get her started right now.”

2. Try role-playing

If your recent sex life feels a little out of date, then sex role-playing may be the right time for you to take a breather again. It will give you a chance to live out some weird fantasies in a safe and fun way. 

“You may have thought about it, but it never really worked,” Riel said. “Ask her if she’s interested in doing this and have an open conversation so that you can both express what type of role-playing you want to try.”

3. Expand the foreplay

If the foreplay is usually only a few minutes for you, it may be time to reimagine it. 

“Your body is not a light switch,” says O’Reilly. “The foreplay (shouldn’t) start in the bedroom. […] From talking about parents or taxes to tearing off each other’s clothes in just a few seconds, you can’t get rid of it. ”

Instead, turn the foreplay into a whole day’s work and gradually accumulate to the climax. 

The House of Lords advises: “Start before you get ready to go naked.” “Many women need more than five minutes of kissing and flirting to indulge in sex. Find the right moment for your clothes – kiss, hold hands, stroke her hair, etc. ”

4. Try sending a text message

Of course, if you’re like many modern couples, you probably don’t actually spend much time together. If so, maybe it’s time to port your foreplay into the digital world with some random text messages. 

Having sex during the day may be a good way to build expectations for sex later in life. 

“Sending a message conveys your desire for a lover – not your desire for sex, but your desire for a lover,” says O’Reilly. 

Ask her exactly what she wants

While these suggestions can lead to good sexual experiences, not all of them work for everyone (some may find four of them vile). That’s why the best advice for a woman to be in a good mood is to ask her. 

The House of Lords said: “Talk about her needs. “The easiest way to help your partner have sex is to ask her what she needs. Maybe she needs quiet time after work. Maybe she wants to take a bath… Or let you take a bath. ”

People, communication is the key. If in doubt, please speak up.

“If they’re not happy, ask if they can help make them happy,” O’Reilly explains. That doesn’t mean they’re going to get angry, it’s asking if they want to. Try again. It’s not all your job, but you can get involved, so talk in advance about what they need to keep them in the mood without being spontaneous. ”

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