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Anal sex is cool now.

The ass has become mainstream, opening the minds (and cheeks) of heterosexual men to the prospect of prostate movement.

I’ve found that more and more men and women are regularly engaged in games as heterosexuals, said Evan Goldstein, founder and CEO of Bespoke Facility and Future Method, a gay sex health company. “Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of stigmas, so I think the published data still underestimates how many heterosexuals like the anus.”

As education and resources for health and safety sex increase, the rapid judgment around those who might want to put something on the back or nearby fades away. “I think people are getting more comfortable with their sexuality and exploring what they like in the bedroom,” Goldstein said. “All men, gay or straight, should embrace their P-spots. There are many nerve endings on the buttocks, and when the current column glands are properly stimulated, this combination can provide a stronger orgasm than just the penis. ”

According to Goldstein, most people are still afraid to try anal sex because people are congenescingly thinking it’s painful, and “you shouldn’t do it if you’re doing the right thing,” he points out. Some people also think it’s going to be confusing, and he calls it a “myth” if he takes the right steps before he starts. The ensuing difficult preparation.

Anal Sex Safety.What are you asking? Well, the data highlight the strong interest in anal games among men of all gender identities and sexual orientation, where Goldstein teaches us a lesson on sexual intercourse and how to do it in the safest way necessary before anal sex.

Should you rinse before anal sex?

Flushing is spraying or cleaning items with water. In this case, rinsing before anal sex allows you to feel “ready” before you insert something yourself. But is it necessary to rinse before anal sex?

Short answer: No. Since feces are stored in the upper intestine and cannot be reached or released through infiltration, problems are rare unless someone engages in more extreme sexual activity.

Goldstein promises that if you eat a high-fibre diet (see below for more information) and have regular detocation habits, most people don’t need to rinse before sex. Having said that, it is only natural and not ashamed that more than 80 percent of men have anal flushing before sex to ensure there is no “chaos”.

What should I eat before anal sex?

Since anal sex is associated with small animals, you will have to pay attention to what you eat. Basically, you will have to eat like an athlete to avoid foods that can cause anger, bloating, or abdominal discomfort.

Foods rich in insoluble fibre, such as vegetables, grains, soy and whole grains, are recommended one day or several hours before anal sex. Considering that three-quarters of the world’s people are at least lactose-insatiable, you should also avoid dairy products.

If meals become boring, balance them with some fruit and/or yogurt. Make sure you drink plenty of water (about three litres) to help the food flow through your body, and for more help, ingest a spoonful of the water each morning. Mint oil can help reduce gas, bloating and diarrhea, and if you plan to rest in the anus, try to avoid red meat and spicy foods. If helpful, most foods take six to eight hours to fully digest.

How do I rinse it?

Try the bathroom before flushing out most of the canals. Using warm water (which, according to Goldstein, is not the best solution, it will be more in the future), will be the most comfortable and effective way. Lubricate your rinse and tip before inserting the rectal tip about two or three centimetres inside the rectum. Gently squeeze the water until the rectum feels full. Then sit on the toilet and pour the water out as you go to the bathroom. Repeat until the water comes out, usually a second re-fly.

Because water and self-purchased enemas stimulate cells in the rectum, causing dry cracking and increased mucus production, Goldstein developed a disposable rinse made from iso-permeable solution. Isofiltration means that the solution has the same osmotic pressure as the tube cells that do not cause the negative health effects mentioned above.

Be careful not to over-rinse. Washing too much force or too much water too deep can lead to long-term problems, including flushing dependence and irritation to the area. “In addition to the health risks, over-flushing relaxes the higher stool in the colon and usually does not come into contact with anal sex, which is more confusing than having no anal sex at all,” he said, noting Goldstein. “The idea of our future approach is “less is more” because the more flushes and time, the more good bacteria we peel off. ”

As for when to rinse, it may take about an hour before sex to ensure that all water is drained from the rectum. Most things come out when you’re done taking a bath… But for safety reasons, please stay near the toilet.

Pros and cons:

Do you have to disturb if you don’t need to rinse? Let’s weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Proponents are single and obvious: there is no poop. Most people don’t want to be messed up, and it’s full of hard work, which gives people peace of mind to have a clean experience. Basically, an unfortunate accident can cause trauma, and reducing pain can reduce it.

The disadvantages are tricky because many of these problems are rare, depending on the flushing method and frequency of flushing. The use of commercially available or Fleet-branded enemas can cause mucus and dryness in the area, leading to rupture, bleeding and an increased risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Over-flushing can also extend the life of the colon and cause constipation later in life. Irresponsible flushing stimulates and destroys the endometrium of the intestine and increases the risk of despoilation, which occurs when most cells in the rectum become abnormal. It is considered pre-cancerous.

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