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Male reproductive health has always been a major concern, there are many misunderstandings and doubts, which is very detrimental to men’s correct cognitive reproductive health has a great impact.

Is the higher the urine indicating a stronger libido?

In many people’s serious, the strength of urination is equal to the width of the urethra is also equal to the penis is large, is strong sexual ability! Is there any scientific basis for this sentence? Does it make sense? Obviously not, it’s a misunderstanding of sexual ability.

First, for the vast majority of people, unless your congenital presence has abnormal gland development. The individual difference in penis size between the same species is not much, that is, some people will look smaller when they are weak. But when you have an erection, it’s all the same.

Second, male performance. Mostly depends on the hardness and durability of the man’s own erection, which in turn relates to the blood microcirculation of the male penis.

Therefore, the higher the urine does not mean that the stronger the male libido, the relationship between urinating strength and sexual ability is not related!

What are the physical manifestations of strong libido?

3 signs of men’s sexual ability 1, body type

The governor of the male muscle is closely related to the male hormone, and the muscular male is almost always normal. Male animals often show off their appearance to attract the opposite sex, in fact, this truth also applies in humans. Muscular, strong men will also be more favoured by women, women will subconsciously feel that such men’s ability in that area will be better. Also, a perfect house is a need for physical strength, if men exercise regularly, the sexual ability can be imagined to add a lot of points. 

3 signs of men’s sexual ability 2, throat knot

Like beards, throat knots can be said to be one of the second signs of men. In addition to being influenced by genetic factors, laryngeal knots can reflect the secretion of male hormones to some extent.

In life, there is a group of men who are thinner and have very long arms, less obvious throat knots and little beard. As the saying goes, there is a bit of “eunuch”, such men tend to go to the hospital because of infertility.

3 signs of men’s sexual ability 3, body hair

Men with a “manly taste” are particularly attractive to women. From the outside, the embodiment of “masculinity”, in addition to muscular development, but also with body hair, throat knots, sound thick correlation, especially beard, chest hair of men are more often considered to have masculinity, sexual function is also higher. In fact, body hair is more closely related to genetic factors, but it is also a reflection of the high and lower secretion of male hormones. Although androgens can also affect sexual function, they are not directly related.

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