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One female colleague is a marginal personality (BPD) who has not reached the barrier. According to her, the fringe personality is an intimate killer, specifically hurting intimate objects, (she also self-made friends with her will be good to you) generally three months (usually not to three months, disguised three months is the limit) is now the prototype.

1. Extreme control of the other side, to die to live, to self-harm (hit the wall, cut wrists, take sleeping pills) or suicide threats the other party is not allowed to leave, but it is the marginal personality first leave the other side. In short, a word, is “do”, do a world-shaking, will be angry, will hit you, only you can not think, no other side can not do.

2. Emotional instability, good mood when full of a spring breeze, you do not know where her explosive point, angry when directly scold you to death, not black or white, no transition zone, we ordinary people look at a person, will see each other’s strengths and weaknesses. BPD, when it’s good for her, she treats you like a god, showing off to friends and family that you’re her noble person, that you’re a little less than the other person (e.g., deviating from the other person’s previous assessment of your image), and immediately delegates you to the ground.

3. Impulsive process will have personality dissipation symptoms (similar to personality division). For example, in a conflict or fight with you, there will be a moment of personality relief, she will not remember the last moment what happened, will forget the continuous action, she will think you hit her, she hit you, but in fact, she did it first, and when she did it or how to do it, she will not remember, it seems to amnesia the same, and her repeated memories, let you believe that she is not pretending.

According to my analysis, the synthesis of this kind of person’s dictation, in short, feel that this kind of person is not looking for objects, but looking for a mother, you are good to her when it is “good mother”, you are not good when it is “bad mother”, generally to three months has been a watershed, you will start to be “split” by the other side into “bad mother”, the bad mother will be beaten, scolded, the other side of all kinds of demons, you have to be inclusive, you have to be big, you have to forgive, she is a child, you are not a child. The other side to talk about many, many times love may not be mature, the previous love is basically void, also practice (get a sense of security). According to the dictation of such people, the marginal personality is difficult to heal for life, is basically inherited, the general father inherited to his daughter more, there is a tendency to drink alcohol. According to this kind of person, in love will also split legs cheat, and not one is multiple, will not regret. If you split first, the other person will be very happy, because finally have a chance to dump you.

To sum up, it’s hard for such people to get into a marriage.

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