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So far, the “How to Make Your Sex Life Interesting” list is a veteran of the relationship consulting industry. 

For decades, they’ve been a regular in men’s and women’s consulting magazines, and now that digital publishing is so popular that it’s almost impossible to post sexual inquiries on Google without chance. 

The only problem is that they are more or less saying the same thing. You can realistically do a lot of things to “add fun to your sex life” in a realistic and easy way, and it’s fun enough to try, and fresh enough to be different from what you’ve already done. 

Of course, from time to time something new appears – the idea that sexual intercourse is becoming more standardized – and provides every sex and dating expert with a new weapon in the arsenal. But until the next trend comes up, you’re basically in the straw. 

To give you a real understanding of how you can add fun to your sex life, we read almost every guide to sex, then compiled a list of the 16 most common tips – and then ranked them at their best . You’re welcome! 

The skills of Sex 16 classic ways to improve your sex life, ranked:

16. Play sex games together

From basic sex dice to much more sophisticated board games, the entire sex game industry is in full reach. However, if you need a set of instructions and a set of custom sex cards to get a better sex life, you may want to consider sex therapy, which may be more useful for couples who don’t have a better sex life. 

15. Try a new pose

Depending on your level of adventure (and knowledgeability), you may have tried all the sex poses you’re interested in – but if not, throw some new poses here, there’s an easy way to make you new. Having said that, one or two new positions can’t set your sex life on fire. 

The skills of Sex 14. Try to change the taste

Many of the sexual advice about deception involves the use of food or other flavorings in some way. Eat each other’s whipped cream, used flavored lubricants or condoms, give your partner oral sex with mint, and so on. Of course, it may push your boundaries slightly, but unless you’re baked ingredients that cause sex, it can be more confusing in sex than magic bullets.

13. Make it last longer

Part of the reason a lot of bad sex is bad is because it’s too early – but that doesn’t mean two hours of sex is magically amazing. Of course, slowing down can give people a new understanding of sex, but if you don’t adapt to each other’s libido, then longer sex will become… Bad sex can take a long time. 

The skills of Sex 12. Make love to sexy music

Having sex with music may be necessary if someone else is often at home, but if you haven’t had sex yet, playing some emotional tracks while making music can open up an interesting new dimension. It won’t bring about any revolutionary change, but it’s an easy way to change the gender tone – puns are intentional.  

11. Try handcuffs

Curious about sticking your toes into the BDSM world? For beginners, handcuffs seem to be an approved option for gender columnists. Whichever material you choose, they can take you through the feeling of bondage (and potentially built-in role-playing scenes) without having to tie the knot or buy cumbersome equipment in the current buzz. 

The skills of Sex 10. Try a new location

Of course, it’s fun to try a new position in the same old bed where there’s always sex – but trying the same old one in a whole new location is the real Spice Hacker. Whether it’s in another room at home, a forest, a parked car or a public restroom, making love in a new place is immediately memorable and often refreshing. 

9. Watch together

As long as one of you has access to the Internet, it’s not a high demand, but finding that you both find can be tricky. Having said that, conversations about what you like to watch may tap into some new areas of that you can watch that can be shared rather than hidden from each other, and can strengthen your relationship. 

8. Experiment with erythrome

Similarly, getting into erotics together can be fun – and unlike, you’re not restricted by what you’re shooting. In fact, every sex and fetish has an easy-to-get erythrome – if you can’t find the exact information you need, try writing it. 

7. Try to be blindfolded

Buying an eye mask (or using a blindfold-like fabric that you’re lying next to) is more operaful than “spontaneous”, so blindfolded sex is less important to the overall well-being of couples (frankly, for many people, sex isn’t sexy), and it slides forward in a position. Why? We’ve habitually had visual components so that we can’t (whether you, your partner or both) be able to profoundly reset the way we experience. (Also, if you’re playing a role, wearing an eye mask and imagining a scene is cheaper and easier than posing as a costume.) 

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