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Sharing the rent is perfect for your wallet, but it doesn’t help your sex life at all. But don’t worry!

It is also possible to obtain cheap rent and sexual freedom. All you need is knowledge of sexual posture to help you keep noise levels low without compromising pleasure.

Below, you’ll find a variety of positions recommended by experts that your roommates don’t eavesdrop on when doing these things.

Sexual posture—Clutch

Carly Ranger

“In a classic spin, and an obvious favourite between men, is the clutch up is a missionary change, ” said Dr. Lindsay Byron. “The top partner reaches below the lowest partner, grabs them by the hips, and keeps them tight as they push, creating a sense of grip.”

Intimacy in this location helps maintain the balance of sound and allows each partner to bury their faces together to eliminate sound.

Sexual posture—Wallflower

Danny Garrett, a sex and relationships expert, says: “Standing sex works well if you’re all quieter and get the best results in both missionary and naughty positions. “The partner closest to the wall can lean against the wall, and the partner can put his hand on the wall.”

Expert Tip: Choose the wall that’s farthest from your roommate.

Facedown Y

Carly Ranger

Keeping quiet doesn’t sound interesting… Unless you do something interesting with your mouth.

“In Facedown Y, the lowerest partner lies on his stomach for oral treatment,” Byron said. “In this way, the recipient can use a pillow to reduce the mo chanting, otherwise the gift giver will be occupied.”

Low puppy

Sex and dating coach Ryan Vine said: “We all like dog style, but fewer places can cause more beds to squeak or headboards to hit the wall. The solution? Off-the-go version with padding.

“If you have a few handy pillows, you’ll need to try a more “natural” dog style on the floor – just like nature! He said.


Carly Ranger

Keep a slow rub in this very intimate position, which is the basis of happiness and the noise is low.

Sex trainer JC Way said: “One partner sits cross-legged and the other sits cross-legged, wrapping his legs around him. “The position is more focused on grinding, although it’s ideal for slow thrust.”

Old-school missionaries

This may not be the most exciting, but as long as you don’t swing, classic missionaries are perfect for quiet sex.

“It’s slow, it’s more focused on grinding than trust, and it’s really important to pay attention to the feelings,” Weiss said. “It’s going to be your favourite form of meditation.”

Silent spoon

Carly Ranger

“Hide under the bee and lie down in the same direction as the spoon,” Fuji said. Hold her hips and lift your thighs to the bed. This will give you a lot of control over your partner’s hips and give you enough freedom to move. One person controls the movement, which is easier to control the noise level. ”

Hit the floor

Any sexual gesture you try to make immediately becomes quiet from the creaking bed down to the floor. For cleaning (you and the floor) put down the towel and be careful of carpet burns!

“There’s no annoying mattress squeak to remind your roommate of your prank, no headboards crashing against the wall,” Byron said. ”

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