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No matter how happy and satisfying your sex life is with the best girls, adding a little risk to your daily activities is exhilarating.

Enter: Have sex in a public place. Wendy Strgar, author of Effective Love: A Guide to Lasting Intimacy, says that for most people, making love in a public place is the hottest thing, and how it can get you out of comfort. “Endorphins in the brain increase due to fear of being caught and the expected combination of orgasms,” she said. “Because it’s different, whether you’re really orgasming or being caught, it’s important to remember to engage in public activities. The experience itself was unforgettable. ”

While you may consider or fantasize about placing it in an office or hiding in an alleyway on your way home from work, it’s important to decide to strategize if you really want to bet. So before you start subtly suggesting that your girlfriend lift her skirt, here are some experts who recommend sex in public places.

Editor’s note: AskMen does not tolerate illegal activities. It is important to study whether a sexual activity can take place under certain circumstances, as getting caught up in some of these situations can have economic or legal consequences.

Sex in public 1. In water

Yes, water love. Reasonable warning: Making love in the ocean while others are swimming around you may seem erotic and naughty, and Singer does warn that any type of pond, lake or ocean can pose a threat to all kinds of organisms that can enter your urethra. This is not only dangerous from a health point of view but also prevents lubrication in a way that may be uncomfortable. Instead, she suggests going to a well-maintained chlorinated swimming pool. It’s best to let your girl push deep into the depths at night, just before the hotel closes. Remember to keep quiet – be sure to slide out of the slippery and sound that does spread over the water.

Sex in public 2. In the private restaurant or bar bathroom

If you want to have sex at your favourite restaurant or bar, avoid multiple stalls and make sure you spend less busy nights. The key to successfully performing this naughty bathroom sex experience is to be prepared – she needs to be able to easily mount you and sit down comfortably when it’s not always hygienic. If you don’t want the bartender to cut the label as early as possible, keep the noise level.

If you don’t have any gender-neutral bathrooms, Singh also recommends choosing a men’s room over a women’s room, which is traditionally less crowded than women’s. The key to a successful public sex experience is to be prepared – she needs to be able to mount you easily and you need to sit down comfortably when you are not always hygienic. For your exit policy? “The trick here is that the guy needs to scout to make sure no one’s there and sneak in,” Singer explains. When you’re done, reverse the operation to get her out of there. If you don’t want the bartender to cut the label as early as possible, keep the noise level.

Sex in public 3. In the cinema

Like private restrooms, the trick to the excitement and success of this meeting is done at random hours in a theatre. It’s also important to make sure you choose loud movies (thinking about action and adventure) that mask the moaning or body sounds that anyone makes. We recommend lying on the floor with a towel so that popcorn doesn’t stick to your back.

It’s also important to make sure you choose loud movies (thinking about action and adventure), which can mask the make or body sounds that anyone makes. Which location is the best? “Let your girlfriend sit with you and face the screen in the opposite cowgirl position,” she said. This makes it less obvious that you’re having sex, and that both parties can enjoy the movie. ”

4. In the parked car

Carly Ranger

If you want to minimize the risk of getting caught, but are still interested in seeing you being caught, consider having sex in a parked car or a garage. Dr. Roudabeh Rahbar, a licensed clinical psychologist in Southern California, says many of his clients say they like sex this way because it increases voyeurism. The garage has the right balance between public and private places, so it’s the perfect place for your first public sexual intercourse.

Coleen Singer, a sex expert, adds that another attraction of this type of play is the bounce it provides. “Sex in the car reminds many young people of high school, and they think back to high school,” she said. But one of the biggest obstacles to achieving this goal is figuring out how to navigate and twist a body that no longer needs high school age to fit into a small car. “If you really want to have sex in the front of the car in the passenger seat, open the door, which will give you a lot of new location options,” she said. “If you find it too risky to be found by the police, you can insist on sex in the back seat for more privacy.” Just don’t forget to lock the door!

5. In the park at night

Carly Ranger

First, be alert: if it’s not a safe place for the town, avoid it. Just to enjoy a little exposure, there’s no reason to put you and your partner in serious trouble. Having said that, it can be interesting if you’re familiar with the park and the neighbourhood. When there is no one around (perhaps at night), find a cool tree, bring a blanket and walk past. The best thing about this public perception is that you can speak up, because there may not be too many people around.

“For many people, making love in a public park is a good choice,” Singh explains. The main thing is to find a secluded or wooded park. “Bring a blanket and a picnic basket with you. You can cover the lid with a blanket, play, and have another good meal! ”

6. Dressing room

For example, after a minute of shopping with your girlfriend, you’re sure to get bored, but the idea that you’re going through a lot of costume changes is that she’s naked behind a curtain or door. You might want to surprise her when she changes to a fast-track toy. It’s an interesting fantasy, but Singer warns that the task at hand is not easy. “It’s hard to avoid being trapped because most department store lockers are closely monitored by shop assistants against pickpockets,” she said. “If you really want to try this route, the best option is to go early the next day of the week because there’s not a lot of people there.”

7. Hiking trail

Forget the candlelit dinner for two, you and your girlfriend love to explore the unknowns of the wild – making the trail and nature more like an abalone menu. That’s why wearing it while hiking may appear on your backpack list. Singh says this is a sensible concept because outdoor activities offer many options for sexual adventure: “Depending on the location of the hiking, outdoor activities offer a variety of options for sex!” Against the tree! On the boulder! On the grass! She suggested. Just don’t leave home without a blanket.

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