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For beginners, there is no exact time limit for morning sex. It’s usually before noon, but late-morning sex is technically available in the afternoon. In fact, it’s more important to get up and have sex before you get up, rather than what the clock shows.


“Sex in the morning .com get up in the morning or start a new sexual act,” says Kayla Lords of Jack and .com, a professor at jackandjilladult. For some, this is sex before the sun rises or before your alarm goes off. For others, it may be sex when you first get up, regardless of the time of day. ”

Morning sex tips

Now that you’ve learned the basics, how to turn morning sex from good to good?


Make love in the morning 1. Plan a lazy morning

If you know that you or your partner must get up at 7 a.m. for an early work meeting or to take your child to school, don’t expect too much. Instead, try sex on a stress-free morning, whether you discuss it in advance or not.


“Please consider your morning plans,” Play says. “If one of you has to actually have a meeting, maybe don’t schedule a meeting.” Do you have much time on a sleepy Sunday? Enjoy! ”


From a purely scheduling point of view, this not only makes things easier but also reduces stress and makes it easier for both of you to wake up. 

Make love in the morning 2. Put water and mint by the bed

Is breathing worrying in the morning? There are some workarounds.


“It is recommended to check your breathing preferences in the morning, or just not kiss.” Play suggests. “Also, put a glass or bottle of water on the bedside table (especially the kettle because they don’t overflow) because everyone is dehydrated in the morning.”


Make love in the morning 3. Making love in the morning can still be dark

You or your partner may be more relaxed late at night because it’s dark and you prefer to have sex when the lights are not on. In this case, if your bedroom is full of sunshine, you may encounter obstacles to having sex in the morning.


O’Reilly advises: “If you’re self-conscious while still awake in the morning, keep some sleep masks (used as eye masks) or do them in your bedding.” If that doesn’t work, you can always buy some heavy-duty blackout curtains.


There is no need to end sex for a moment

When it’s over, whether it’s an orgasm or not, don’t forget to let the moment’s intimacy continue a little.


O’Reilly suggests: “Spoon and snuggle to stay connected for a few minutes after.” While this may not be an option, a good post-sex hug can help you end the moment in a high-profile way if it works. One last thing?


“It is recommended that you pee after sex, even if you are sleepy,” Play suggests. Doing so can help you both avoid infection by removing bacteria from your urethra. No matter how hot or intimate your morning sex is, UTI isn’t what you want to wake up the next day.

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