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Sexual posture

Sharing the rent is perfect for your wallet, but it doesn’t help your sex life at all. But don’t worry!
It is also possible to obtain cheap rent and sexual freedom. All you need is knowledge of sexual posture to help you keep noise levels low without compromising pleasure.

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The difference between pornography and sex

Pornography is completely different from sex. Of course, it can be descriptive, but it is descriptive through sales, not sex. When watching a lot of, you may misunderstand not only sexual behaviour, but also sexual behaviour – good sex, what people like and want, and so on.

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The skills of Sex

To give you a real understanding of how you can add fun to your sex life, we read almost every guide to sex, then compiled a list of the 16 most common tips – and then ranked them at their best . You’re welcome! 

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What It’s Really Like To Have a Threesome

To delve into these issues, I asked some of the threesome enthusiasts to share their best stories from the past. This is a group of six sexy threesome stories that will inspire you to have one of your own.

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Picture textemotional Life Love Psychology

Foot worship

Foot fetish is a well-known and little-known fetishism. In fact, anyone who mentions anything about big toes or seductive ankles may raise their eyebrows when they’re dating someone. Having said that, there is nothing wrong or sin in being trampled on your feet. Just as some men prefer a woman’s back end to their breasts, others go crazy because of long legs or thick hair, others find their feet attractive.