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Sexual desire, promiscuity, cheating, promiscuity, multi-person sports, is equal to sex addiction?


There may be misconceptions about sex addiction.


1, what a real sex addict is like

Sex addiction is a sex-related, compulsive, mind-breaking addiction that frustrates and shames patients.


Sex addiction and high libido are not a concept.


People with high libido control sex, while sex addicts are controlled by sex.


People with high libido don’t have much of a burden on sex, sex is just a cake for their lives.


But sex addicts are different: for sex addicts, sex is both pleasure and pain, and they are controlled by sex in their daily lives.


When the onset of sexual addiction is not satisfied, sex addicts will develop strong anxiety and anxiety, seriously affecting their work, life, interpersonal relationships and even physical health.

 ”Sex Addiction Symptoms, Causes and Effects ”

2, invisible in the crowd of sex addicts

Although rarely mentioned, there are not many sex addicts in the world.


According to the study, the proportion of people with or who have had sex addiction is 3% to 6%, of which 80% are men.


This figure is similar to the prevalence of depression.


However, sex addicts are more secretive than people with depression.


Sex addicts tend to be ashamed of their libido, so it’s hard for them to describe their feelings with friends who have normal libido around them. So sex addicts are in the crowd, concealing their desires, suppressing their impulses, and pretending that they are no different from people with normal libido.

  ”Sex Addiction Symptoms, Causes and Effects “

3, stigmatized sex addiction


Real sex addicts hide in secret and painful corners, and at the same time, this identity is maliciously exploited by some ulterior motives: the word sex addiction can easily be used as a defence of sexual harassment, sexual assault, cheating and other crimes.


The most typical example is the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault that sparked me to a campaign, in which Weinstein claimed to be a sex addict, but he didn’t end up being clinically proven by a sex addiction therapist.


Also, due to the lack of relevant science. Many people have misconceptions and prejudices about sex addiction, which is a who lacks self-control. In fact, sex addiction is not controlled by self-control alone, it is caused by differences in physiological structure and social experience.


4. Is sex addiction a disease?


Sex addiction, once classified as a mental illness, was eliminated from the fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s latest Diagnostic Manual of Mental Illness. Sex addiction is no longer considered a disease in WHO’s latest International Classification of Diseases.


This may be because sex addiction is difficult to diagnose and can easily be used as a cover for sex crimes.


We have no way of knowing: will Luo Zhixiang also feel guilty when multiplayer sports? We also don’t know: Are there really out-of-control sexual desires among those who claim to be sex addicts?


However, whether or not sex addiction is placed in the diagnostic manual does not affect the fact that:


Sex addicts are real, and their pain is real.

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