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In winter, it takes more time to be naked.

Once you finally get home and get out of the cold, taking off your coat feels like a punishment. Is there any idea of deprivation of nudity? induces cold.

In fact, during the cold months, many sexual poses create some much-needed friction between you and your partner, like a natural body heater. The result is two very satisfied people who can rely on a variety of more high-spirited ways to stay warm throughout the winter.

To help you solve this problem, we asked some sex experts to share specific sexual postures that provide the most physical contact. Below, you’ll find eight of the best.

8 Best Sex Positions 1. Side by side S feet

Karina Ranger

Like hugging, staying warm and lying in bed? This is your position.

Sex therapist Angela Watson said: “Standing shoulder to shoulder is one of the closest positions I can think of. “To perform this position, lie face-to-face with your partner. A person wraps his outer legs around his partner’s buttocks, which can easily penetrate through his partner. ”

8 Best Sex Positions 2. Winter sledding

Maximize body contact and pleasure with CAT (posture alignment technology).

“Into missionaries, but not up and down, move your partner’s body up and down, ” explained Liang Qi Engel, SKYN’s gender and intimate expert. “You’re sliding on her body like you’re tipping over a snowy hill.”

Tilt your hips toward your partner so she can grind the clitoris on her pelvis to really eliminate the fire.

8 Best Sex Positions 3. Hot dog


Karina Ranger

Keep warm under the bed with this hot collapsed dog.

Adina Mahalli, a sexual health expert, explains: ‘Both legs are not upright, they are straight, so they are lying flat on their stomachs with one hand on the other. ”

To enter this position, start in the usual dog style and slide into the folding position.

8 Best Sex Positions 4. Hibernate

For optimal skin contact, try HiberMating.

Marcus Anwar, co-founder of Online Classified Advertising – Buy, Sell & Save with OhMy, explains: “When two partners stand up, this sexual posture is a whole happy one. The female companion wrapped one of her legs around her waist. He then grabbed her leg, pulled her closer and supported her weight with his other hand. In this pose, she clings to his shoulders and hugs the strength and depth of the body as they rub it together for warmth. ”

8 Best Sex Positions 5. Pigs in blankets

Karina Ranger

Don’t want to get out of under the blanket? In this position, you don’t have to.

Kyle Sowden, a sexual health and relationships expert at Doctor-4-U, said: “If you’ve embraced your partner from behind, it’s easy to start. “Both partners can help control the angle and depth of the puncture while wrapping each other together. This position also frees hands, grabs each other, grabs their clitoris, or easily places them in completely different positions. ”

6. Winter “T”

This posture crosses the limbs to keep all parts of the body warm and baked.

Dr. Steve McGough explains: “A woman lies in bed with her legs raised to her chest, while a man lies vertically on her body like the upside-down letter ‘T’ and then enters her body. Then she put her legs down on the guy’s hips.

Finally, the location looks like an intricate snowflake.

7. Arctic Circle Dance

Karina Ranger

It may not be as comfortable as soup under a blanket, but it’s definitely as hot.

“Put your legs together and have your partner sit on your head with your back to your chest,” Soden said. He said: “You can let the receiver control when it’s easy to use, or you can lean back to support yourself more deeply.” ”

8. Hot seat

When the temperature drops, this is where you want to be seated.

“Sit on the edge of the bed or a chair with your feet on the floor,” explains Manuela Iancu of Sexbroker. She turned and sat between your legs, leaning back at you. She can ride back and forth by pushing away the chair’s arm or lifting her feet. She can control the entry angle by bending back and pressing back into the body. Your groin, which is one of the best sex positions for both of you. ”

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