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In fact, when asked this question, you have his own judgment on whether he likes me this matter, but because the girls may value this relationship too much, so it seems to be uncertain, unable to grasp.

This answer is that I especially found the love experienced male friends, and love experience is very few friends, carefully recorded after the summary of 5 different, even a little contrary to common sense, boys like you signs.

5 signs that boys like you 1.

He is embarrassed in his relationship with you.

I’d like to explain the structure of the male brain first, you can think of the male brain as a giant apartment, but each room is separated and can’t run at the same time. The boy will first see you in the visual room, he will say to himself: “Hey man, this girl is so good-looking.

If at this point you ask him a question, he has to run from this visual room to the conversation room and stand there and think, “What did this girl just ask me?” 」。

After the embarrassment, he would quickly run back to the visual room and say, “Oh my God, how can this girl look so good?” If it’s unfortunate, you ask him another question at this time, such as, “Do you think this earring looks good?” Then his answer might be, “Ah, you look good, no, this earring is so cute.” 」

Yes, it’s a completely awkward scene, and then it’s like a little kid who’s just learned to talk.

So men are more likely to be embarrassed when they like you.

They really don’t want to mess up the opportunity to get along with you, and the moments with you are too important for them, they have the courage to think twice and hope to be perfect.

Especially for young boys who don’t have much emotional experience, it’s natural for them to become upset, nervous, or even embarrassed in front of someone they like.

Notice, I’m not here to say that you get along with him feel boring no topic, and you can’t find commonality, but he and you when you get along with the performance of want to talk but very nervous and embarrassed, so ding, congratulations.

5 signs that boys like you 2.

The boy allowed himself to be influenced by you.

Many well-circulated studies of marriage show that if a couple’s relationship is benign, their greatest interaction is to try new things together and allow the other person to influence themselves.

To help you understand, here are a few examples:

For example, he never liked mushrooms, but when you ordered a white mushroom cream bacon pasta in an Italian restaurant, you let him taste the mushrooms in your bowl. Although he was hearty, to see you eat very happy, he still plucked up the courage to eat one.

For example, he never took a pirate ship, you asked him to go to the amusement park, and then you said to him, let’s take this extreme rafting pirate ship. He was so frightened that his legs trembled, but when he saw the look you were looking forward to, he closed his eyes and sat up.

Or rather, you’ve expressed your desire to see exhibitions, operas, etc. And these things he had never been in contact with before, but after you said this he remembered it, looked up some information, made some plans, and tried to ask you to go out and watch it together.

If you can find that he is slowly being influenced by you, or is willing to try new things for you, then, ding, congratulations.

5 signs that boys like you 3.

He doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to chase you.

Here are a few questions to watch out for:

Does he promote the development of the relationship?

Does he gradually devote more time to spending time with you?

Is he slowly opening his heart and confiding some of his emotions to you?

Or did he start to do some careful touching, even holding hands and hugging while you were getting along?

If the answers to these four questions come together, you can be sure that he’s not putting you in a friend zone, he’s not really cold, he’s slowly starting to move the relationship forward, and even if he doesn’t take quick action, you don’t have to worry, He’s yours.

5 signs that boys like you 4.

He doesn’t want you to see his friend.

This sign may seem odder than the third. Yes, it’s even a bit counterintuitive, because we become more intimate and emotional, and we naturally want to share our lives and introduce ourselves to him accordingly.

But imagine when you want to start a new life. People who come from old circles are not always with you, and sometimes we have to sacrifice some old friends for the sake of our new life.

By the same to go, when he decides to upgrade your relationship from an ambiguous stage to a whole new real love phase, it’s also very likely that you’ll give up your old circle.

So if he doesn’t introduce his friends to you, then maybe he thinks that in his new state of life, there are no such friends. His friends are just old chapters in his life.

Another possibility is that they don’t want their old friends to make a mistake when you haven’t made a good impression on them.

Each of us has that kind of embarrassing friend, you know. For example, when eating together, say something ugly about your past, and even talk about you and your predecessor in front of him. So he may be in a position to protect the relationship by refusing to let you see some of his friends, and by the same to no means, if you’re concerned that he didn’t tell you about your relationship with his family, you can put your heart down.

Of course, this is definitely not to let you see his friends, or do not tell the family is normal, we also have to use the above 4 questions to rational judgment, if the same tend to agree, then congratulations!

5 signs that boys like you 5.

He performs to attract your attention.

Here I first define two forms of performance,

High-energy propulsion, this type refers to his performance in the process of spending time alone with you, and his usual communication, more talkative, more lively, more excited, tend to express themselves.

Low-energy attraction, this type refers to his performance in the process of being alone with you and his usual communication, there is a large difference, such as suddenly fewer words, more inclined to let you express yourself.

High-energy propulsion is a measure of a date’s success by how many times I make girls laugh, or how many joys two people create together. They’re energetic when they’re dating, they’re constantly looking for topics, and you may even feel a little uncomfortable.

When he ends up telling a joke, I’ll tell the next one, and then I’ll tell you the next one, and if you’re having a good time, he’ll even cross the line and say something that might be more shameful, that is, overexcitement.

The low-energy attraction uses a girl to ask him how many questions he has attracted, and how many times he has attracted your attention to measure the success of a date. He may behave very deeply, for example: staring at nothingness. Inside: “I’ve been staring at the distance for so long, is that enough?” “Did I give her a deep look at nothingness?” 」

You might even be tempted to ask him, “What are you thinking?” They’ll try to pull you over. They will try to get your attention and interest you.

So when you notice that he’s with you, the energy is above normal, or you want to be cool, and you want to ask him more questions. It’s all very clear that you want to get your attention through the show, and once you’re aware of the signs, then, Ding, congratulations!

The above is the boys quietly like your 5 hidden answers, these 5 signs may not be so easy to dig, but I really pat the chest to ensure that these 5 points are real.

Finally, a warm reminder to everyone, this article from a general point of view to explain, can only help you analyze the phenomenon, may not be able to help you see the conclusion, specific problems when the specific analysis, you have to rely on still or your own.

I hope this article can help you solve some doubts.

Also, whether he’s chasing you or you’re chasing him, I hope you’ll be happy and happy in the process.

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