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The so-called one-handed pat does not ring, sex always needs both sides to invest, to get water like fish, go to the realm of forgetfulness. Any two-character re-clamp, such as the attitude to sex a cold and hot, diaphragm always exists. What if a person is passionate about sex and has a cold feeling?

Someone is born with a cold feeling, born with a doctor, I can’t help you. As for stuffy, I can help you with that. Ladies, men are love fresh, just with you every day to do a few times, do you want to die, but then sharp knife has rusty day, gradually you find that even if you take the initiative to seduce him, he only back to you a sentence: “Mimi!” Why? Because everything has been done, a game burst tens of thousands of times you still can’t play? You’ve become a stuffy game, you have to think of away.

4 skills of sex Method one: When he is a brand new man

A sentence to the end is from the inside out, and then from action to sound to be remodelled ah! What is inside out? The inside is that when the man around you is a brand new man when you can be convinced, your reaction will be different, your reaction will be different, he will be excited.

4 skills of sex Method 2: Change the dress up timely

Outside, is that you have to dress up to change, clothing hairstyle and so on all have to change the time, that man will have a freshness! Think about it, why don’t men play games and play those kinds, and why do they still indulge? Is the game dealer every once in a while to change the story, change the main character shape, you can fall in love with the player!

4 skills of sex Method three: Don’t act the same way

Action can be understood, not only to turn a little bit more position so simple, and the focus is not to have a fixed order or venue, such as each last is normal, you have to take the initiative to change the sprint position, so that he has a kind of “all have?” The feeling. Men get excited about finding a new method or route when they play games, and that’s why! It’s not hard, you know he’s going to turn around when he’s coming.

4 skills of sex Method 4: Sound stimulation

Finally, the voice, not just the moaning to put in, but to speak more. For example, a little more “hello”, “you are the biggest”, “I’m dying!” And so on. Don’t think so, know that this is an important part of stimulating and encouraging each other.


Ladies, if you can always keep me teaching you more than the winning method of sex, the man who ensures you won’t feel cold again. If he is still as cold as ice, there are only three reasons. One is that he’s really cold, please call a doctor. Second, he no longer loves you, go early. Three is that he should be sexually sexual. To help him or fly him, pick it yourself.

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