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Every day in busy work, vacation is so rare, really can’t wait to be isolated from the world and enjoy a day with your partner. Remember never to bring your weekday depression to sex, here are 10 tricks to use to evoke you and his desires for that quiet but passionate moment.

10 skills of sex 1. The temptation of nudity

When there are only two of you in the house, you can try to bare your body after a bath, men only wear panties (not “chimneys”), women’s “vacuum” wearing pyjamas, or even pretend to sleep naked, presumably the other side will be interested in your small actions.

10 skills of sex 2. The touch of the ice

How easy it is to open the fridge and get flirting tools. Take an ice cube and place it on the other side, and slowly wait for it to melt, increasing the sensory stimulation.

10 skills of sex 3. Light up the scented candles

On weekdays you precious and precious incense candles, at this moment lit, and all the lights in the home are turned off! Don’t forget your mobile phone. )

10 skills of sex 4. movies

Now that we are adults, why can’t we watch together? In the process, you’ll feel something bad going on…

10 skills of sex 5. Curiosity in the dark

Blindfold each other with a cloth or towel, and then touch him unbridledly, your next unknown action can arouse his curiosity.

10 skills of sex 6. Role-playing

Teachers, students, nurses, doctors, flight attendants. You don’t necessarily need cosplay, just add some relevant pairings, and the other person can easily fall into your arms.

10 skills of sex 7. Unanned touch

Hands care not only gently placed in each other or their own sensitive position, but pretend that there is no one thing, will easily cause the other side some association.

10 skills of sex 8.Sexy lingerie

Visual satisfaction is important, take the time to put on a sexy set of underwear, just like saying to each other: I’m ready!

9. Sound like a cat

Men especially like women’s delicate voice line, call two more, he may want to catch you.

10. Talk about wine fantasy

Drink in a quiet atmosphere, open the window with each other, talk about some sexual topics, he can know you a little more, for the next program to prepare a good start.

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