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Sex doesn’t have to be in bed, it’s better if you can add something new. Now open 8 beds outside, girls will want to try the field, if you can really have sex here, should be very exciting! (It is against the law to “fight in the field” in Hong Kong, and if you don’t do anything when you travel abroad in the past, consider the risks yourself. )

The 8 Best Places to Have Sex 1. Pool

Will go to the pool days, of course, are casual, relaxed enough to enjoy sex. And what are you two doing under the water? Others really don’t know, and they can’t see.

The 8 Best Places to Have Sex 2. Cruise ship

A foreign survey has pointed out that 80% of tourists will have sex on the cruise ship, since these are so several things in mind, enjoy a holiday in the center of the sea, show human nature, sex is not out of the blue?

The 8 Best Places to Have Sex 3. Field camp

“playing field”, the most primitive of course is to do in the wilderness peak, if you are not used to making love on the ground, a camper van is another option.

The 8 Best Places to Have Sex 4. Private cars

Moon black flying high driving, is it really simple to enjoy the moon? Making love in a private car should not have a feeling, but in fact, as long as it is in the car, the location is not important.

The 8 Best Places to Have Sex 5. Back garden

If your home is big 4th and has gardens, you shouldn’t have to go to the wilderness to feel like you’re playing field. Also, to avoid family members not being found, to a certain extent, quite exciting.

The 8 Best Places to Have Sex 6. Terrace

Make love on the terrace, but the passers-by below may not see you, but you do it in front of them. If you have a partner who likes to seek stimulation, or this is a good choice.

The 8 Best Places to Have Sex 7. Island

Don’t lie, when you travel to an island, don’t say you didn’t even want to have sex in nature. Sunshine Beach, the island is sparsely populated, this moment you are integrated into nature.

The 8 Best Places to Have Sex 8. Meeting room/exhibition hall

Just as some men would want to have sex in the office, in fact, “deluded” women sometimes fantasize about making love in conference rooms or exhibition halls, where working in these places is so rigid and boring that one can’t help but want some entertainment.

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