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How can sexual foreplay be satisfied? Sexual Foreplay: 4 Tips and Tricks, Benefits for All Genders

Sexual foreplay is the most important of sex, it can be said that sexual foreplay is to enjoy the basic factors of orgasm, good sexual foreplay will often let the couple’s sex life go very smoothly, the majority of people in the sex life, there is no good sexual foreplay directly into the main play, so there will always be one party can not be satisfied, in fact, if both sides do some preparation before sex, then I believe that such sex activities will be better, then, and those sex prelude? Let’s talk about it!

1 Kissing is the best sexual law to promote lust. Want to have a higher quality and exciting sex, a kiss is a key to her desire to die, can be called foreplay heavy gun, through kissing to convey passion, let a woman feel the strong feelings of men. Even if there is no intersecting action, you can live from each other’s kisses. A woman’s lips and breasts are the primary strongholds of a man’s siege, and a man’s quick and accurate opening will make a woman happy and open the door.

2 Sexy belt assault sex is the most taboo unchanged, the biggest curse of the day tired is not to seek a breakthrough. “Skin is the body’s largest sexual organs”, sexy belt varies from person to person, targeted organs are fast and accurate, but unexpected touch often will have amazing stimulation feeling. Don’t let her find out your tricks, just like when the martial arts have a way to follow, but the more you can get into the more you can hang each other’s appetite. Uncereponsuringly sneaking into her sexy belt made her terminal nerves cry out.

3 Greedy demands To grasp just a few minutes to be satisfied and happy, in the speed of sex should abandon all etiquette and hold, directly and frankly tell each other your needs. You can turn into a storm girl and ask him to hurry in, go deeper, or move more aggressively.

4 The idea of “sex” in moderation stimulates the production of and provides the same hormonal effect as an orgasm. Before enjoying the rain with the Italians, you can reminisce about your two previous passion games, if circumstances permit, it may be better to stimulate the sensitive areas, let the passion boil; Don’t forget to think about the wonderful picture simulation performance in the A film when you’re do love with him, to make sure you’re immediately boiling blood and the climax is rolling in.

The above are my opinions on this topic. I hope that we can have some new understanding and have a better sex life in the future. These are also part of sex. They are also one of the ways to make both parties feel more deeply about love, and they can also make each other have a deeper infatuation with you.

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