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Real-life feelings may be broken up in a quarrel! At this time if you do not want to give up the other side completely, want to save the other side, then the following six points are you especially need to pay attention to!


Save my ex boyfriend 1, First think about the reasons for the recovery

This is important. You must first consider whether it is because you love this person, or just not willing to do it! If it’s just because you’re not willing, then you need to look at the relationship calmly, not rush to save it, and then repeat it! If you clearly because you love this person, want to continue to go with each other, then this time to consider to save a relationship!

Save my ex boyfriend 2, Analyze the reasons for the break-up  

The end of a relationship certainly does not mean that suddenly the relationship goes bad. Feelings have a gradient process! Break up is certainly a reason, you have to seriously look at the previous feelings, find the other party and you break up the reason, and then think about this reason, or think about how to solve the problem in this relationship! If it can be resolved, then the other party may be willing to continue to be with you, so that you can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.


Save my ex boyfriend 3, Calm each other for a while

When you just break up, your feelings and emotions are in a relatively depressed state. You’re going to make a noise at this time, it is estimated that the other side will pull your contact information black first! To avoid this situation, it is best for both people to calm down for a period of time, and so on the mood calmed down, calm down, and then to talk about the emotional where to go! At this time everyone’s reason is back, what is said, make decisions will be relatively wise!


Save my ex boyfriend 4, Taboo, dead and tangled

It’s the same for boys and girls as a whole. If the other person’s love for you is very, then under the dead end, estimated that there is no left! Desperate compound mood everyone can understand, but in the process of saving each other also pay attention to methods! You have to let the other person see your change, your maturity, your prudence, rather than being like a child! The end of the dead fight is that the other side is getting farther and farther away from you, so this must be noted!


Save my ex boyfriend 5, Give each other just good care

Although you are far away from me, I still have a love for you. This sentence is expressed in the behavioural level is to give the other person just good care. For example, occasionally contact, care about each other’s lives. There are two advantages to doing this, one is to let the other know that you still love him, and the other is to soften the other person’s determination to break up with you. When the other person feels comfortable and secure when they get along with you again, it’s not far from compounding.


6, Shape each other’s freshness

In the process of recovery, what could be more gratifying than the fact that your predecessor was once again moved by you? If you’re still the same in each other’s eyes, it’s hard to get the other person to start loving you again. If you make a slight change, let the other person feel a sense of freshness, and then slowly like you in this freshness, plus the good times you’ve had together before. Then the chances of this relationship being redeemed will be great!


The most important thing to save a person is to be sincere, with a sincere to save, with attitude to reflect, and then with action to tell each other: you have been here, never left!

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