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Female orgasms are more mysterious than almost any other aspect of human sexual intercourse.

Men want to know how to give them. Women want to know how to have them. Pornography likes to fake them. Scientists don’t know why they exist. Cautious and female-hating people don’t want them to happen at all.

“Male and Female Orgasm: Not So Different”

But like men, women have the ability to have incredibly powerful, awesome orgasms.

In fact, they are usually able to have multiple orgasms in a short period of time, which means that if you know what you’re doing, you’re definitely going to surprise her.

Talk to four different sex experts to provide you with information on how to get women to orgasm.

First, it is necessary to clarify what orgasm is.

“Orgasms are involuntarily releasing tension at the peak of the sexual response cycle,” says Gigi Engle, SKYN Condoms sex and intimacy expert and certified coach. “In most cases, it’s a very pleasant feeling. It is characterized by the release of accumulated sexual sensations, as well as tension in the genitals and other parts of the body that respond to sexual stimuli. ”

As Engle points out, whatever your gender, it’s usually a very pleasant feeling, like a pleasant explosion. The more things you accumulate, the more pleasant and intense your orgasm will be.

What is the difference between male and female orgasms?

Orgasms usually vary in several notable ways, all depending on your gender.

On the one hand, male orgasms are usually associated with ejaculation, while female orgasms are not actually related to ejaculation.

“When you have a penis, orgasms and ejaculation tend to occur at the same time,” said Dr. Jesse O’Reilly, a sexologist and host of the “Happy Driving Her Wildness” video course. “Of course not always (you must have orgasms), but for most people, they happen more frequently at the same time. This is rare for people with the clitoris. ”

The synchronicity of female orgasm and female ejaculation is much lower than that of male orgasm and male ejaculation. Even women who can spray water do not always do so at high tide, and sometimes they can even spray water without it.

Men don’t usually ejaculation multiple times in a row. This is because their period of insanity – from the time you reach orgasm until the time you reach orgasm again – is on average much longer than that of women.

It is also associated with more obvious physical symptoms, such as a man’s penis becoming loose after orgasm. It may even be too sensitive to any further sexual activity between a few minutes and a few hours, which usually increases with age.

However, women’s periods of intense precautions are so short that they are difficult to attract attention to. Depending on the stimulation, a woman may orgasm dozens of times during a one-off or masturbation.

“Male and Female Orgasm: Not So Different”


Again, it’s a matter of time. Although many men have the ability to reach orgasm quickly, not all women have the same ability.

Kayla http://Lords.com (http://Lords.com) a sex lover at Jack And http://JillAdult.com (http://JillAdult.com), said: “Some women take a lot of time to orgasm, while others who feel right get out of the car quickly. ”

In general, male orgasms occur much less often than female orgasms – at least during sex, O’Reilly said.

“When women live alone, we don’t spend much time at all,” she says. “It’s because we know what we like and do it.”


So, what exactly do they like? Many different things:

“How people reach orgasms is often very different between men and women,” Lodz said. “Many women need very special stimuli: clitoris, G-point, a combination of the two. They may also like, want and/or need to touch and stimulate other parts of the body, such as breasts and nipples, legs, torso, neck, etc. ”

As for the exact methods, they also vary.

We may use our fingers or vibrators, lie on our stomachs, rub on mattresses, watch, fantasize and/or play with tap water, O’Reilly said. “If you’re willing to think out of the box (and often go beyond penis/vaginal interactions), we can do all these things with you.”

The similarities between orgasms

Despite the differences, orgasms are relatively similar regardless of your gender.

“Both men and women experience involuntarily releasing tension, and then the penis becomes loose, the vulvosis returns to normal color, and the swelling decreases,” Engel said. ”

Maybe more important? Male and female participants were considered to feel essentially the same.

Women’s orgasms don’t feel much different from men’s, ” Lodz said. “In the self-reported study, when people of all genders described their orgasms, the researchers were unable to tell which sex was describing their orgasms.”

How to make a woman orgasm

When it comes to sex, it’s a great way to make your partner happy. There is nothing worse than a selfish lover who only cares about his own experience.

But getting your partner to orgasm and actually doing it is completely different. So, how do you do that?

Give her tips for orgasm.

learn about her anatomy

First, you should be familiar with the different parts of the vagina and vulse. If her genitals are different from yours, knowing what the different parts are called and how they feel won’t do any harm.

Sex educator Kenneth Play says: “Know your anatomy so you can actually figure out what you’re doing and how to touch it in a way that’s really enjoyable for her.” “It’s a combination of technical skills, anatomy awareness and checking feedback on her.”

Ask her what she likes

“If she regularly uses sex toys and masturbates, she’ll definitely know her body better than you do,” Lodz said. “Give her the feeling she wants.” If she tells you to stroke her clitoris slowly and gently, do so. If she says she needs to stroke her breasts during penetration, do so. ”

According to O’Reilly, “there’s no harm in giving her multiple choices:

‘Here or there?’ ‘

“Slow or fast?”

‘Up or down?’

Discover useful things with her

Just because she has a vagina doesn’t necessarily mean she knows what she’s going to do. Many people have less experience with masturbation or sexual pleasure than boys of the same age because girls and young women are often told that sex is wrong or should not be performed.

“If she doesn’t know what she needs, try touch and feel,” Lodz said. “Start slowly and gently, and ask a lot of questions:

“Does it feel good?” ”

Do you like it? ‘

“Do I have to continue?” ””

If she’s used to masturbating but doesn’t have a partner’s experience, Play suggests she tell her what she likes.

“If she’s struggling, ask if she can masturbate to orgasm and then calibrate using the technology used,” he said. “Imitation of what she did gave her the same feeling.”

Don’t give up too soon.

It usually takes longer for women to reach orgasm, so it’s important not to feel depressed at an early stage.

Don’t think that separate sexual intercourse is enough

You should be aware that even if you push your penis into your vagina and push and pull it, even if you use some great thrust techniques, it may not be enough to get your partner to orgasm.

“Sex can and often does feel good,” Engel said. But for most women, she points out, “the clitoris needs stimulation to reach orgasm.”

‘Jackhammering’ is what you see a lot in, says Play. “It’s not that neck irritation isn’t pleasant, it’s that it’s usually more enjoyable after she’s had multiple massages. Her clitoris should have been full of blood and should have caught her attention, preferably by giving her some orgasm before coming in like this. ”

In addition to this aggressive, infamous action, there are many ways to make your hips move.

“Try to slide in as slowly as possible and pull it out as quickly as possible,” O’Reilly said. “Alternate between slow motion and fast motion. When you slide in, make the hips url. Gently and purposefully make the body undulating. Slide in and stay still, allowing her to move around to control speed, depth and angle. ”

Don’t rush to overwhelm her clitoris

“Don’t just buy the goods!” Warn O’Reilly. “We know you’ve found the clitoris, but you don’t have to ring it like a doorbell. Instead, slide your hands around the vulse. Brush the octal shape on your lips. Rotate when you cross your finger and rotate slowly to shallow depth. ”

If you’re trying to get women to orgasm

One of the most embarrassing moments a person experiences while lying in bed is feeling that you can’t properly please your partner. Worst of all, the more stress you feel afterwards – the harder you try to make it work, the more nervous you become, and it becomes very sexy for everyone involved.

But what if you’re trying to get your partner to work part-time?


“If she starts to have a strong reaction (shaking, breathing hard, clenching her thighs), don’t decide to change the technology,” Play says. “The biggest complaint I share with women is that their partners change their movements at the exact wrong time. So if she seems to like it, keep doing it! ”

Ask what it feels like…

“Talk to your partner,” the House of Lords said. “Ask them what they need to do, better or different. Put your ego aside. It’s about having fun with your partner, and sometimes it needs to be heard that what you always do with your tongue or hands doesn’t work. ”

… But don’t worry

“Don’t ask her over and over again, ‘Are you here?'” O’Reilly suggests. Stress is the antithesis of pleasure. It’s nice that you care about her experience, but there are more effective ways to get feedback. ”

According to her, such as

‘Do you like that? ‘Or

Do you want more? ‘”

is a better strategy.

Make sure you’re happy

“It’s fun to adjust yourself,” O’Reilly said. “Don’t hang up because you’re ‘giving’ her orgasm, so you’re not happy. The more relaxed, breathing, and truly immersed you are in the experience, the more likely she is to do the same thing. Take a deep breath to keep your voice unimpeded. ”

Try different locations

“Take the time to explore and test each other’s bodies,” Lodz advises. “Different sexual orientations or just a new way of foreplay can lead to orgasms, but you have to be willing to try new things.”

Try sex toys

“I’m open to the idea of sex toys,” Lodz said. “It’s not your substitute, it’s just a tool to increase stimulation. When it deals with her clitoris or G-spots, you can do a lot of other sexy things together. ”

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