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Personally, long-distance break up, if the break-up is a boy, then mostly because of his lack of sex; A few boys who can control their lower body may not break up because of lack of sexual mention, but with 90% of the girls who proposed to break up, because of the lack of love and break up!

The core of solving the problem of break-up lies in eliminating the lack of love this factor! This article will be from the point of view of putting an end to girls to break up, to help boys save off-site love, talk about how to eliminate the lack of love this factor. After all, if the boys themselves can not control their lower body, and can not meet the regular reunion or self-stoic, sex this thing is really difficult to solve.

The joke is a joke, and now it’s a joke. How to save a long-distance relationship?

1. When you determine your relationship, you should give the other person enough confidence and enough reason to fall in love with you

A lot of girls who break up out of love will send out such feelings, rainy days, one couple after another, together holding an umbrella laughing from my front running, my umbrella without you, I do not know if you in another city with other girls holding an umbrella, laughing and running in front of others.

Although much off-site love has been repaired as a positive result, there is no denying that off-site love than the general love is much harder, and the greatest hard is that she can not feel the benefits of being accompanied in love, also can not see their hard to adhere to the future. So before you start a love affair, you must give the other person enough confidence and reason to stick to it. The best thing to do is to pick up the old custom of engagement and let her know that she is your bride-to-be, that she is your future wife, and that your love affair is fruitless! Even if you can’t get engaged, at least always tell her you’ve taken her as your wife.

How to save a long-distance relationship? 2, try to eliminate the sense of distance

There used to be a joke that the phone bill was expensive, either as a salesman or as an off-site lover. Visible, through the telephone line to send each other loves, mutual complaints, is a good way to maintain off-site love. Different from the previous can only hear in unannounced, can not see its people, but also different from the previous want to see “live” he, first of all, two people have to have a computer, now a variety of instant messaging video software count, as long as you want to see her, a mobile phone can be connected to the network can be achieved.

You might as well play a video with her, let her see what you’re doing, see what the weather’s like over there, help her when she’s shopping to see if her clothes look good, shoes fit, and at night she comest with her, watch her get home safely, and so on.

Video conversation is a really good tool to eliminate the sense of distance, what she eats every day for a new hairstyle and what she’s doing now, she can share with you in real-time;

How to save a long-distance relationship? 3, agree to do the same thing together, pursue your common hobbies, increase your common topics

Many of the reasons for the break-up are because there is no common topic, although perhaps in different cities, contact with different circles will have different concerns. But common topics can actually be made, and they’re not that hard to make. For example, agree to do the same thing together, pursue your common hobbies.

If you all like to watch movies, you might as well go to a movie that interests you all; if you all like reading, you might as well buy yourself a book and send each other the same book; if you all like small animals, you might as well keep a small animal and exchange ideas, or one side with the conditions to keep a small animal, the other side to buy snacks for animals, help find some common sense of animal breeding; and even you can join a community in many cities, Share what your local community has been up to recently.

How to save a long-distance relationship? 4.Remember the important days and often surprise her.

Although a lot of boys spit slot now festivals and girls care about the special days too much, their own suffering, wallets and hearts are devastated, but for off-site love, these important days are to maintain your feelings of the important link.

If any girl doesn’t like the holidays, she’s either a single dog, she doesn’t want to be abused, or she’s no different from a single dog, and her boyfriend doesn’t get a gift. So you can not people, but important days, your gifts and surprises must get, if you really can’t remember those days, you may as well set reminders on your phone, so you won’t forget! Quiet Mimi tells you, compared to the festival of the same day, girls care more about only belong to you two special days!

How to save a long-distance relationship? 5. Have a chance or meet often

How to save a long-distance relationship?

Although off-site love hard, but off-site love in fact also has a few benefits, for example, can avoid frequent friction together, can avoid a long time together to lose freshness, distance produces beauty. No matter how convenient the chat software is now, how developed the network, it can not give girls a touch, there are flesh and blood boyfriend, so the opportunity must meet from time to time, no chance to create opportunities to meet!

Otherwise, you will not be together for a long time, and you will not meet to create a sense of intimacy between you, let love last, your love will fade away until Game Over.

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