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The lovers in love are of course only to see each other, you and I do not know. But if we’re over the love period, can’t we really have a way to maintain our relationship? Can’t our feelings fade day by day and never return to the love period? Of course not! Here I have four couples get along with the tips, can help the little couples after the love period quickly find the feeling of falling in love again, but also can better maintain your feelings yo! Come and see what the little secrets are!

First, cultivate common hobbies

How to maintain the honeymoon period 1.when we were looking for the other half, friends and family would tell us to find a like-wanted one. So what is like-like? In addition to having the same ideals and beliefs, but also like-interested. Then this “interest” naturally refers to each other’s interests and hobbies! Couples who have passed the love period can cultivate a common hobby that belongs to you. For example, cooking together, playing games together, working out together. So naturally in getting along, not only will let you think of each other once beautiful, but also may also derive a kind of love, why not?

How to maintain the honeymoon period 2, the use of fixed perfume

When we read novels, we often see scenes where the man smells the familiar perfume and can’t help but recall the woman, or the woman smells a faint smell of tobacco from someone and then recalls the man. So we might as well take advantage of the magic of smell. Use a fixed perfume in your daily life, and the smell of it will be deeply imprinted on your other half’s mind over time. Whenever he smells a faint, familiar scent, he can’t help thinking of you. What could be more impacted than remembering feelings? Try this.

How to maintain the honeymoon period 3, continue to learn to maintain freshness

What’s the biggest fear in feelings? It’s not a quarrel, it’s not a scolding, it’s boredom. Why do you say that? Think about it: When we like a person, do we think the other side is very good? When we are tired of a person, do we feel that looking at each other more is a waste of eyes? So in the feelings to eliminate tired of the appearance of this big monster, the best way is to maintain freshness. So how do you keep it fresh? My advice here is to keep learning and be able to learn anything you’re interested in. When your horizons relax with your depth of learning, you see that the angle and depth of the problem will rise to the next level, and your partner will feel as if he has re-recognized you and then unknowingly regain interest in you.

How to maintain the honeymoon period 4、 Keep a childlike heart

We all know that some men are easy to cheat when they are over 30 years old. When we ask them the reason, they will say: seeing the vitality of young people drives them back to their young and frivolous days. From this we can see how important it is to have a young heart. Therefore, I suggest that men and women who have been in love should always keep a young man’s heart. When you are young, you will be full of vitality, and your life will be romantic and full of vitality. It’s not a couple who are dead after a few years. So, from now on, try to do something you did when you were young! At this time, your partner will be very surprised. It’s not impossible to fall in love with you again!

Enviable feelings are often contained in the way of getting along with each other, so we should understand that feelings also need to be carefully maintained in order to last forever. So, from now on, you might as well try the four tips in this article. They are simple, low-cost, and effective. They can also harvest a growing affection for each other. Why not? After trying, you will find that it is easy to maintain the relationship between lovers even if they are in love.

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