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Introverted boys in love and chasing girls on the matter of some disadvantage, because not active enough, will not say some sweet words to coax girls. Let’s talk about introverted boys chasing girls skills, let you know how introverted boys should find their other half! 

So small editor today said introverted boys chasing girls skills, let you understand the character of introverted boys how to find their other half! Introverted boys in love and chasing girls on the matter of some disadvantage, because not active enough, will not say some sweet words to coax girls. But if a girl understands this, your weakness will quickly translate into merit, attracting a girl who has a little affectment with you, and then most likely catching up with her.


How to chase a girl—-Introverts 1, in advance to understand the girls who want to pursue

You know the girl’s cut, lifestyle and so on, you can target action. You don’t have good ability, you don’t have the ability to be able to be random, so understand before you act.

How to chase a girl—-Introverts 2, reserve some love knowledge

First reserve some love knowledge, such as female character analysis, understand their general behavior, like what, you can also find someone who has been in love to consult. Don’t easily believe some words on the network, can’t be rigid, flexible grasp.


How to chase a girl—-Introverts 3, observe girls’ reactions

Be sure to pay attention to observe, pay attention to the girl’s reaction, every small detail can reveal a lot of information, according to this information to judge the next step you should do. If you look at her in silence every time, and 冋 is also silently looking at you, as if he is turning his eyes. This means that she’s starting to notice that you’re equally affected by you, so you can take the next step.

Inward male pursuit of girls method 4, to deal with the problem simply

Like is to say happy, don’t hide. Because your expression is very single, in fact, it is also very critical, let her know the line, love, simple love, don’t think too complicated, simple, no worries to love. Like to chase, determine that person is the right person, you have to pursue the object. Love is like our study, first there is a clear goal, there will be pursuit, there will be room for development. So chasing girls is no exception, to pursue who, you have to set a goal, the goal is clear you will think how I can force a series of pursuit ideas, and then convince myself to take the first step, express, pay action.

Inverted boys chasing girls method 5, and girls together to be good at work

There are a lot of skills in love, can not want to say anything to say, euphemistic point the other side is more acceptable. A lot of things do not drill the tip of the horn, even if the girl is wrong, boys also want to be more large, more inclusive, in love there is no absolute right and wrong.


In-between boys chase girls method 6, choose people with the same interests

Indesodes will also have hobbies when talking about hobby topics may say more also, so if there are no special conditions, priority is given to choosing friends of the opposite sex who share similar interests. Usually free words as much as possible and friends go out for a walk, at the beginning of a separate date may not be used to each other and each other’s friends together about, we mix together is easier to say

In-speaking boys chase girls method 7, talk with action

If we don’t express ourselves well, we speak with action, not all girls like extrodes, and there are many people who like to be intro oriented and pragmatic. Whether extroversive or introspective men, are to pay a variety of actions before they can show themselves, with the consent of the woman, before they dare to say publicly – I am in love. We give care in action, do not use too many words, with small things slowly move the heart more reliable.


In fact, introvert is not terrible, terrible is that you will not take the first step, as long as you try to open your heart, courage to tell her, I believe you can get steady happiness. Of course, happiness is not inevitable, is what you need to strive for Oh. A good sense of humor, inverts should live easier, especially when they are in adversity, to learn to get out of the way, the so-called “come to Japan”, to see the good side of life, so that they are carefree, comfortable. If you treat others with courtesy, they will treat you with courtesy, that is, “heart to heart”, which will help relieve mental stress. Sometimes a “thank you”, a smile, or a courtesy can make you feel welcome. Remember, the attitude of others towards you reflects your self-image to some extent.

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