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When is it appropriate to play role-playing in bed with your partner? It is recommended to do it once in a special festival, anniversary, travel or undirected room, as doing it too closely can become routine and not so pleasantly surprised! The following 3 sex role-playing combinations, you can buy fixed props/uniforms to increase the sense of forced truth, inconvenient words are also reliable to save, just like acting, go back and try it with him!

3 best sex games 1. Teachers and students

Men can not resist the appearance of flattery and intentionally or unintentionally seduce others’ student sister, if you know how to interpret, how about overage? You can choose to wear sailor’s clothes or school skirts, men in bed is a visual animal, he will automatically fantasize about it …

If you say one or two more words, “Can you help me with my studies?” This kind of confession should heat up in an instant! (Please move the role yourself, the woman to dress up as a female teacher is OK!) )

3 best sex games 2. Bosses and subordinates

The focus of this combination is on sexy subordinates, it doesn’t matter what role the man is, he can even be himself. You need to know that men enjoy the sense of conquest, women like to be conquered, daily life they have met countless subordinates, but even if more attractive, all are “hopeful”, this time you complete him!

3 best sex games 3. Introverted male + extroverted female

Even if a man’s appearance is not introverted, his heart can be. If a woman takes the initiative to tease him, even when he doesn’t think he has any advantages, you say you like him. His reaction is that he can’t believe it and feels that he is dreaming. Although he seems afraid of ugliness, he actually wants you to continue

In front of your favourite partner, you can be a bold woman.

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