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emotional Life Love Psychology
emotional Life Love Psychology

Will sex help you lose weight Yes

Do you want to do bed sports tonight? It’s not a tasteful joke, your efforts in bed with your other half are definitely a sport! In his book “Sex is the Perfect Slimming Method”, Dr. Li Yunxiu, M.D., notes that sex sports (Sexercise) is a new term for sex () and exercise, which is becoming a boom in Europe and the United States. The book mentions the weight loss sex position has 48 kinds, the following open 7 of them for everyone’s reference, tried perhaps there will be unexpected effects!

emotional Life Love Psychology

How to chase a girl—-Introverts

Introverted boys in love and chasing girls on the matter of some disadvantage, because not active enough, will not say some sweet words to coax girls. Let’s talk about introverted boys chasing girls skills, let you know how introverted boys should find their other half!

emotional Life Love Psychology

How to maintain the honeymoon period

The lovers in love are of course only to see each other, you and I do not know. But if we’re over the love period, can’t we really have a way to maintain our relationship? Can’t our feelings fade day by day and never return to the love period? Of course not! Here I have four couples get along with the tips, can help the little couples after the love period quickly find the feeling of falling in love again, but also can better maintain your feelings yo! Come and see what the little secrets are!

emotional Life Love Psychology

Save my ex boyfriend

Real-life feelings may be broken up in a quarrel! At this time if you do not want to give up the other side completely, want to save the other side, then the following six points are you especially need to pay attention to!

emotional Life Love Psychology

3 best sex games

When is it appropriate to play role-playing in bed with your partner? It is recommended to do it once in a special festival, anniversary, travel or undirected room, as doing it too closely can become routine and not so pleasantly surprising! The following 3 sex role-playing combinations, you can buy fixed props / uniforms to increase the sense of forced truth, inconvenient words are also reliable to save, just like acting, go back and try it with him!

emotional Life Love Psychology

How to save a long distance relationship?

Personally, long-distance break up, if the break-up is a boy, then mostly because of his lack of sex; A few boys who can control their lower body may not break up because of lack of sexual mention, but with 90% of the girls who proposed to break up, because of the lack of love and break up!

emotional Life Love Psychology

The 8 Best Places to Have Sex

Sex doesn’t have to be in bed, it’s better if you can add something new. Now open 8 beds outside, girls will want to try the field, if you can really have sex here, should be very exciting! (It is against the law to “fight in the field” in Hong Kong, and if you don’t do anything when you travel abroad in the past, consider the risks yourself. )