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Tantra, a Tantra sect in India, believes that human beings are the real pioneers of the origin of all things, and creation is still ongoing, because every sexual love between men and women is the expression of recreating the world, and even in the process of blending, women’s guidance can better achieve the blissful peak of the unity of soul and flesh. Tantra worships the goddess and believes that every woman is the incarnation of the Shakti God. Would you be the sexist Shakti? Yes, no, or doubt, come to test it! Remember to write down your answers and scores. Sex quiz.

When you have sex, it’s.

A. Male-dominated (0)

B. Female dominated (2)

C. Take turns (0)

D. Equality (0)

Sex quiz 2. Do you think there will be an electric shock when you get along with both sexes?

A. Yes (2)

B. Not necessarily (1)

C. No (0)

D. Don’t know (0)

Sex quiz 3. Lingam and Yoni are.

A. Characters in epic (1)

B. Symbols of male and female genitalia (2)

C. Protagonists in the album (0)

D. A couple of comedians (0)

Sex quiz 4. When making love, you should.

A. Try not to talk (0)

B. Talk more (2)

C. Yell (0)

D. Do anything (1)

Sex quiz 5. A man’s orgasm is.

A. Taste of soul (0)

B. A disaster (2)

C. Perfect ending (0)

D. Disappointed ending (2)

Sex quiz 6. When having sex, women.

A. Like water, like waves, slowly to the climax and then slowly cool down (2)

B. Like fire, passion ignites man’s desire (0)

C. Like the wind, convey a pleasant mood (1)

D. The feeling of loving men like the earth (0)

Sex quiz 7. When having sex, men.

A. Like water, like a boat passing without a trace (1)

B. Like fire, lust comes and goes quickly (2)

C. Like the wind, but can’t make any ripples (0)

D. Like the earth, showing the male style (0)

8. 8.”From a man’s attitude towards life, we can see his attitude towards women.

A. Well said (1)

B. Not necessarily (0)

C. Maybe (0)

D. Totally agree (2)

9. To keep calm, a man must know how to control.

A. Breath (2)

B. Sexual desire (2)

C. Appetite (0)

D. Emotions (1)

The origin of human beings is.

A. Men make women (0)

B. Women make men (2)

C. Unclear (1)

D. Don’t care (0)

11. When do you take a bath after having sex?

A. Now (0)

B. As soon as possible (0)

C. After one hour (1)

D. No bath (2)

12. Do you make time for sex?

A. Not at all (0)

B. Yes, it’s better (1)

C. Yes, definitely (2)

D. As appropriate (0)

At the end of the test, please count the scores according to the figures in brackets. The results are as follows

The score is less than 8

You have preconceived ideas. In terms of bed, men are heaven, and they should try their best to meet men’s needs, while women should insist, and they can’t and dare not take the initiative to mention sex. The relationship between men and women is unbalanced, and they are excessively depressed and lose their self-worth.

The score is between 8 and 16

Even though the inculcated view is that men and women are in a master-slave relationship in sex, it is most important to put themselves in a secondary position and strive to make men happy; but is this really the case? In fact, your heart is full of doubts, even think that it should be reversed; yes, to be able to think so, it is right, women should follow their own heart, should not belittle themselves, master sex, enjoy the beauty of physical and mental unity.

The score is higher than 16

You are the true and false Shakti! You know that the ultimate sex is like a harmonious symphony, and women play a leading role in music selection and rhythm control. They are responsible for leading male partners to a happy paradise of physical and mental integration so that the body and spirit can get double satisfaction. Men are also happy to dance with it and share the supreme pleasure.

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