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Naked, in fact, not as good as holding half-masked to make men excited! The highest state of sexiness is the body curve is looming, the skin is not exposed. The following underwear can do all of these functions, and wear them you don’t have to sound, and then the boys will receive your sexual innuendo.

1. Stockings

Weekday girls wear more socks, in addition to easy to tick, sometimes when the feelings too thick, to take off will appear clumsy. More and more girls will choose stockings as a dating weapon, not only easy to wear but also in hot moments, with long black silk legs clamped to his waist.

Stockings give the impression of slipping easily, but with the perfect design, many stockings contain non-slip silicone, both non-slip and avoid being ticked by nails when worn. Stockings just highlight the hip lines, and can even make the other side focus on your hips, immediately ignite the love fire.

2. Garter straps

When it comes to stockings, can you not mention garter belts? The garter straps hold the laces of stockings to prevent slipping and decorate the waist, slightly concealing the belly fat. But the most important thing is the “small machine heart” of the garter belt, which can create the “insecurity” that the stockings seem to slip easily so that the other side is full of reverie.

Wearing stockings and garter straps, preferably with a knee-length skirt, slightly bent over, will reveal a little lace and garter buckle, half-masked effect is the high trick of sexual innuendo.


Girls may be unfamiliar with Harness, but harness has been popular in Europe and the United States for some time. Harness, derived from saddles and horse tools, was once a symbol of BDSM.

Harness’s design is simple and complex, in addition to matching fashionable clothing, but also can be paired with corset underwear.

The simple design of Harness can be paired with a vest or jumper that accentuates the back lines. The more complex design of Harness, you can wear the inner layer, with a white T-shirt or low-chested top, let each other along the collarbone to see the slightly more present, attract each other and you go further.

People are always attracted by the sense of mystery, suddenly stripped off but lost interest, over time will feel dull. It’s better to be as sweet as your dose, making the bed more sexually interesting.

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