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If you want to “know each other, win a hundred battles”, you must know how to cast their good, do full foreplay, to have a mutual enjoyment of sex! Everyone’s sensitive belt is different, foreign website Elite Daily recently listed the following 8 men or women sensitive parts, pack you just caress, you can ignite the passion of sex, super feel!

8 sex and skills 1. Behind the neck

This part of the men and women are very sensitive, boys can first help girls massage, and then from the hairline down the cheek, gently all the way to the neck. Girls can stroke the back of the boy’s neck while biting the earlobe, which will make him feel very comfortable.

8 sex and skills 2. Nose

The nose has the most sensitive terminal nerves, more erectile tissue in the nasal cavity, when stimulated, will enhance its sensitivity and blood circulation, when two people gently grind the nose, there will be a wonderful desire to produce.

8 sex and skills 3. Behind the knee

For men, the skin behind the hairless knees is very sensitive, and for women, being touched can also produce a good feeling. Try gently touching or massaging the place, which has a good chance of stoking the other person’s lust.

8 sex and skills 4. Back

When gently caressing the back, girls often feel an electric shock because the shin (above the tailbone below the waist) is dense with sensitive nerves and connects to the vaginal nervous system. According to the foreign website Webmd, 91% of women get an orgasm if they massage the area with the palm of their hand.

8 sex and skills 5. Feet

Boys are sensitive to the soles of their feet, and if they touch about a third of their middle toes down, there is a strong sense of pleasure and excitement. The sensitive part of the girl is the toe, many women who reach orgasm will unconsciously bend the toe, if the light toe or caress the skin on both sides of the thumb, may also cause an orgasm.

8 sex and skills 6. The inside of the thigh

This part is closest to the “private part” when gently stroked up, will also feel a special itching feeling, so that you can not bear it.

8 sex and skills 7. Navel

When you put your finger in the belly button, the girl has a wonderful feeling because the navel is connected to the nervous system. Try licking the navel to see how she reacts or licking the skin a little bit further down will feel the same way.

8 sex and skills 8. Lower abdomen

In fact, this part is very sensitive, if stroked down, will make the female vaginal muscles have a strong contraction, even if do not touch the private place, will feel very excited, or even reach orgasm.

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