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Only a man will be tired when he has sex, because he has to be active, and a woman doesn’t have to move? Wrong! Women don’t get so lazy in bed, after good sex should feel tired (but at the same time very satisfied). Why don’t you try to surprise him tonight! Don’t just lie in bed waiting for him, but also do the following 8 things, he will feel very fresh, help to enhance feelings!

8 life skills and sexuality 1 Make love and don’t forget the foreplay

Women y usually don’t want men to start with “play meat”, want to take it slow, into the atmosphere, cultivate emotions. In fact, as a man is, on the bed also keep shy of you, men will only appear uninteresting, he wants you to take the initiative to touch him, kiss him, for him, he feels good words, good for you! Weekday passive you suddenly open the trick, become more active and active in all kinds of sex pre-drama, will make him more excited.

2 offensive area that excites him

We often encourage women to rediscover their bodies, and how can careless men be free to ignore sexy bands? You can discover his body instead of him, don’t just serve him, neck side, ear back, inner thigh, front waist near the position, if you take care of, will make him blush heartbeat, increase interest, and then love you!

8 life skills and sexuality 3 indicates his sex skills

Many men are not careful enough to “capture” your body in bed, sometimes like blind-headed flies. At this time, as long as you give him instructions, and even order him, to promote his sexual skills, will make him very excited! Remember, sex is to please each other, like how he does, try to let him know! If you don’t want to open your mouth, slowly lead your hand or head to where you want it to be. In short, women really don’t need to be shy in bed. If a man follows instructions and makes you happier in bed, men will be more confident and willing to spend more time on you in the future.

4 Turn off mute mode

Some girls have sex very depressed, usually reflected in the sound, clearly enjoy, but lock the throat without a sound. In fact, women’s heavy breathing, whispering, moaning, are men’s emotional music, of course, a too-loud hissing is not accepted by every man, but better than silence. And if you’re not a shy person, you’d be advised to try dirty talk with an atmosphere, but talk to yourself, but don’t gossip, which can greatly reduce the interest of men (and yourself), so if you’re born too “talkative” and concentrate on moaning.

8 life skills and sexuality 5 Put on your clothes to have sex

Have you changed into comfortable but not pretty pyjamas after taking a bath and before you go to bed? And that’s when you make love? Remember, formal, dull, are the taboo of sex. Freshness can’t be ignored if you want to get the most out of your sex life. Occasionally wear clothes that normally go to the street or work uniforms, or just wear stockings to make love to Bra, to make new meaning, men may be more excited. Taking it off is also an important process, not even taking off all your clothes, but feeling more stimulating.

8 life skills and sexuality 6 Show a different philosophy of sex

Sex can be presented in different ways. You can show him a sexual philosophy, for example, if you have the habit of using sex toys, you don’t have to wait until there’s no one at home, masturbating, you’re playing with sex toys, it’s very hot foreplay. First, you use it and then ask him for help, so that he can see a never-before-seen you, there must be a surprise.

7 It is recommended to change the venue

Take him to a new place! Do it in bed every time, very stuffy, posture is also very limited, with him to the kitchen, bathroom, desk sex, will make him feel new! If there is not enough space in the home, in fact, wardrobes, windows, behind the door can have another scene!

8 life skills and sexuality 8 Change your identity

Finally, in fact, with the same people to have sex, both men and women, will always feel bored. So some men close their eyes when they have sex and fantasize that the other half is a different object of sexual fantasy. Suggest that you take the initiative to change clothes, role-playing and other ways of sex so that both sides forget their true identity, which will make men’s interest greatly increased.

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