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Don’t be shy or deny it! Maintaining a stimulating and passionate sex life is one of the most challenging elements of a relationship, no matter how much you know each other, how long you know each other, whether the other person’s performance is satisfied, there is no guarantee that you can maintain a healthy sex life if you are still wondering why the relationship is at a standstill, as if the love seedlings have been put out when you first met, it is likely that your sex patterns have gone wrong! Don’t think that two people who think they are soul mates can give each other life, the following 3 signs show that feelings are likely to be in crisis, immediately see how to do something to change, change their sex life!

3 signs of failed relationships 1. You begin to avoid each other

If you or he starts complaining every night that you’re not feeling well, that you’re stressed at work, that you don’t want to have crazy sex with you, or that he simply goes home after you go to bed, and you occasionally say turn off the lights and the windows when he’s in high spirits, then something’s wrong with your sex life.

Also, if you used to nest in bed every night to just talk, now is a watching a ball game, a Korean drama, such intimacy is also the main cause of sexual indecision.

3 signs of failed relationships 2. You don’t try new tricks, you don’t take risks

Every room in the house, from the porch to the backyard, even the back seat of the car, the empty park in the middle of the night, the corporate stairwell after work, are all places where you can be bold and affectionate, but now you can’t even lift your energy in bed and do sex as homework?

Of course, it’s hard to keep that enthusiastic obsession over time, but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost the opportunity to take risks around, and if you want to increase your excitement, look for freshness in your life within the “legitimate range.”

3 signs of failed relationships 3. He began to flirt with others and said good morning and good night

Whether he’s using his cell phone or he’s flirting with objects other than you, or even verbal flirting, don’t be silly, this is the most obvious sign of cheating, flirting is to go to bed.

If he’s trying to show your sexiest, sexiest side to someone other than you, saying that your sex life isn’t enough for him, try to assess whether your love for him is enough to save him, or just leave!

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