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Masturbation is not a male patent, women can masturbate, or it should be said that masturbation is required. Sex education in Hong Kong is so poor that masturbation is mistaken for pornography and filth. In fact, masturbation is normal and does not need to be embarrassed. The body is the most intimate partner in his life, to know how to make this partner comfortable, learn to understand him, appreciate him, is to love themselves. Here are 10 things about women masturbating, women must know!10 women masturbating skills.

1 Masturbation refers to touching yourself to the pleasure of sex

There are many ways to masturbate, in fact, you can touch your own, chest, anus and so on.

2 Masturbating is more than just a matter

Your sex lessons must not have been mentioned, in fact, most of the girls’ sexual pleasure is from the stimulation, not insertion, of course, there are more masturbation skills!

10 women masturbating skills 3 Wash your hands before masturbating

There are a lot of bacteria in your hands, so you don’t want them to reach your body, so women, remember to wash your hands before masturbating. Clean, meticulous hands are your best friends.

4 Masturbation does not make a woman lose

Unless you masturbate too often, the right amount of masturbation is healthy. You don’t have to worry about your masturbation becoming less tight and affecting your sex with your other half

5 Masturbation does not mean lewd, pornographic

Rest assured you’re not porno or a sex addict; A woman’s masturbation is just a normal thing to do, allowing you to explore your body.

10 women masturbating skills 6 Masturbation can make you know more about your body

No two bodies in the world are the same, as if there are no two people’s rhythm, rhythm is 100% match. Masturbation is to let you know yourself better without the pressure of your opponent, try different ways, speed, preferences, so that two people hand in hand more spark.

7 Masturbation can culminate

Can a woman reach orgasm only through sex? In fact, masturbating is also available! When a person is provoked, her muscles tighten. Orgasm is the tightening of muscles and emotions, accompanied by a type of and called serotonin, which is emitted over and over again. This chemical can make you feel incredibly happy and thirsty, but everyone feels different about orgasms, so it’s hard to tell if you’ve reached orgasm. But if you feel as if you’re falling sharply from the height of a roller coaster, it’s probably the climax.

8 Remember to urinate after masturbating

A lot of times your body is inflamed (you’ll often want to go to the bathroom, or even worse!). is because of the bacteria from the anus reach. Because when masturbating, women may touch the anus gently, so after masturbation remember to urinate, rely on the liquid to wash away potential bacteria.

10 women masturbating skills 9 Masturbation does not mean

It’s about having sex with another person, not anything that’s been invaded. So women can rest assured that masturbation won’t let you leave the virgin ranks.

10 This is the safest sex

Yes, masturbation is also a form of sex – one-man sex. And because it’s one-man sex, you don’t have to worry about pregnancy or sexually reseds, enjoy the sex process.

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