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Recently the American drama “Rear Wing Abandonment” is particularly hot, the hostess is a talent with a high IQ (and beauty) in one genius, the first contact with chess on the amazing talent, 9-year-old teacher, in the high school chess club a person to solve all the opponents, and then all the way through to the Soviet Union defeated two generations older than her, then the most powerful chess player Bogoff. Someone put her together with the curly blessing in Detective Sherlock, saying that these high-intelligence bastards were too charming: “There’s a word that’s been popular for years: sapiosexual.” English is derived from sapiens (identification, understanding) in Latin, which is defined in the dictionary as: “More susceptible to IQ and mental traits than appearance ( specific to sexual

attraction).     What Does Sapiosexual Mean?

 In other words, if you fall in love with a person because of his high IQ, you may be a sapiosexual. In 1988, a user named wolf-boy first coined the term sapiosexual to describe their sex life at Live Journal, a comprehensive SNS dating site. In 2002, he wrote in a Live Journal article: “I don’t care much about orgasms, I want an incisive, curious, insightful, disrespectful mind.” I want a philosophical discussion of people who are foreplay. ” 

Is sapiosexual really just looking at the brain and not at the face?What Does Sapiosexual Mean?

 The word sapiosexual became popular in 2010. In 2014, OkCupid, a well-known dating site in the United States, even listed it as a sexual orientation side by side with heterosexuality, homosexuality and asexuality, and the concept of sapiosexual became widely used. According to the New York Times, about 0.5 percent of OkCupid users in 2017 considered themselves sapiosexual.              Some people have even invented a dating app called sapio specifically for sapio, which is designed to allow lonely, intelligent people to be married to common topics and academic pursuits. But there is a lot of controversy about “sapiosexual”. For example, some people think that like the curly blessing and the hostess are not sapiosexual, because they look very good ah! Are you sure you like them not because of their face value?              

So infatuated with Corfu and Beth, is it a sapiosexual? Not necessarily. First, it depends on what kind of likes you like about them. If you just think, “Wow, this guy’s so smart, that’s great,” then you’re not a sapiosexual, at best, an admiration for high IQs. But if you have the urge (fantasy) to push him down when he exudes intellectual charm, you may be sapiosexual. Second, when you really want to push him down, be clear, what the hell are you looking at him for?

Sapiosexual doesn’t look at faces, it’s just that appearance is far less important than wisdom. If the two can only choose one, the sapiosexual will not hesitate to choose wisdom. Sapiosexual’s love for him would still not change. American clinical sexologist and psychotherapist Christy Ofstrett says sapiosexual has several typical characteristics: 1.” The core point of attraction lies in the intellectual, tasteful and spiritual world of the potential object. Sapiosexual’s love, at first sight, is not the face, but the book in your hand. Discovering someone’s cell phone ringtone at a party is their favourite singer, finding someone in the library holding the book of Sutter you just returned or hearing someone talk skillfully about artificial intelligence, which makes them instantly attractive. 2. Intellectual dialogue can arouse your libido.What Does Sapiosexual Mean?

Sapiosexual’s response to intellectual dialogue is directly related to libido. Kelsey Stigman, the editor of the AMERICAN website Seventeen, describes how she feels: Talking about chemistry is like flirting with me, and when I hear someone talk skillfully about superscience or something like that, I’m instant as ecstatic as most people get a kiss on the neck. For a sapiosexual, their sexual fantasies may be to talk to someone in bed about English literature or economics, not just sex. 3. Before you do shy things, you need a lot of mental communication For a sapiosexual, eating, travelling, or physical touching is not as good as having a high-quality conversation to make them confirm that this is the “right” person. Talking about political opinions and sharing your favourite books will give them peace of mind before they take the relationship a step further. Without these conversations, it is difficult for them to develop closer relationships with others. 4. Spiritual fit is above all else For Sapiosexual, a good intimacy, “spiritual fit” is the most important criterion, sex can only come in second place. Compared to sex, intracranial orgasms provoked by their partners are the source of their true happiness. 

Sapiosexual isn’t just about people’s subjective feelings, there’s a real part of the crowd, it’s a veritable sapiosexual. In fact, not only does sapiosexual love high IQ, but ordinary people also like to find people smart. The study, which looked at nearly 10,000 participants from 33 countries, found that “intelligence” ranked second in the criteria for choosing a mate, second only to “friendly and understandable”, and that looks were only ranked 6th (it seems that people don’t “look at the face” as much as they think).               

Also, the importance attached to intelligence is related to the type of relationship you want to develop and the stage at which you want to develop. Simply put the more serious the relationship, the higher the intellectual requirement. Intelligence may not matter as much if you just want to have a happy relationship, but if you consider marrying this person, people tend to raise their intelligence metrics. The researchers also found that while everyone likes to be smart, people who are too smart are less attractive. By compiling people’s assessments of potential partners at different levels of intelligence, they found that participants rated potential partners as their IQ increased – until their intelligence reached a certain number (IQ was about 120). That is when potential partners have an IQ above 120, their sexual attractiveness decreases. The authors suggest that the decline in attractiveness may be due to a potential trade-off that very high IQs may lead to lower performance in other ideal traits, such as social skills and interpersonal skills. After all, a genius may not need too many communication skills.



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