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Do you have sex every day after work from busy work? On weekends, it’s not easy to go out for four more trips or visit relatives and friends. How easy it is to evoke the other half. Love underwear, A film is ineffective, want to seize the opportunity to attract each other, it is better to refer to the expert’s views.

Increased attractiveness

What attracts a man to a woman sexually?

1. Women’s laughter

Intimina Medical Advisory Board, a well-known women’s health brand, is a medical center for studying women’s sexual health. One of the members, Dr. Maria Sophocles has found that women’s laughter attracts men. Do you think it’s ordinary laughter? Not also.

Dr. Maria Sophocles points out that the laughter that women make when they laugh can remind the male subconscious of moaning during sex. Ladies may wish to laugh a little more, naturally make the relationship happier.

2. See the woman you like to volunteer for

Recently, the news said that many dating fraudsters will use photos of volunteers to attract victims, and this method is not unfounded. A 2016 study by the British Journal of Psychology found that volunteers often have more frequent and quality sex lives. The reason is that when we choose a mate, we take into account the helpful character, thinking that it is conducive to the reproduction of a better next-generation, invisibly increasing the other person’s sexual attraction.

3. See your sex toy

What attracts a man to a woman sexually?

Many women don’t really worry too much about their partners being embarrassed or afraid that they don’t like them when they see themselves using sex toys. Men are visual animals, and when they see their partners using sex products, they start burning them, whether they are involved in the process or not. So the women, in front of his beloved to show their private side, maybe the prelude to hot sex!

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