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The short film host visits a strange woman in the street: “How long does your satisfying sex last?” The ladies’ answers ranged from “at least a few minutes to half an hour.” A lady said, “Two hours.” The male host looked surprised and mischievously smiled and said, “What? I don’t know if I can last a minute. How to Increase Sexual Stamina?

It’s just a joke. However, I’ve heard men who only shoot seconds. The better the sex is, of course, the longer the better. Men oh man, time in your hands, oh, sorry is the lower body, beautiful light and shade can actually extend infinitely.

Practice contractions to experience pubic muscles

The pubic muscles are above and above the anus, below the abdomen. It’s the muscle that often urinates for you. Put this secret muscle training in your daily life and you’ll get good muscle control. When you need it, it becomes very obedient. Every morning when making coffee, every time you wait for a lift or every time you encounter an advertisement that you can’t skip, it’s a good time to shrink your lower body muscles! This adds up to only a few minutes of practice a day, and it doesn’t take your time at all.

Delayed Gratification tightens the muscles when he wants to shoot

Apply. Even if you have no partner, you can deliberately tighten your muscles when you are consciously “wanting to shoot”. If you have a partner, of course, enjoy sex, in the other party is about to orgasm, stop the impulse to shoot, let her over the clouds intoxicated, and then, again (or several times). Delayed ejaculation will take the strain of ejaculation stronger, and finally, have to be divided several times before the ejaculation can be completed.

Change the pose! Just make her sensitive

If you’re about to orgasm, but after all, you’re just getting started, change your posture! Find positions that make her excited and sensitive, and not too exciting for you. So every time you “want to shoot,” you go back to that point. You didn’t enjoy it until you both reached your peak.

Focus on each other

How to Increase Sexual Stamina?

If you love each other (or are just passionate about sex), you’ll naturally focus on the other person. Your smile or muscle contraction and expansion will make you feel the same way. Because only from the other side, you can cooperate with each other’s physiological and psychological reactions, and then let each other get the best sex moments.

Live in the now, don’t worry about premature ejaculation in advance

You can worry about premature ejaculation or second speed alone, but you can’t worry about intimate time. If you use your head to worry, it will ensure that what you worry about will happen. It happens when it happens, and it’s only by putting in the second that it’s longer and better. Your brain is your largest organ. Let your head enjoy sex.

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