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You can’t bear to leave the warm bed every morning, and so does he. If you can seize the moment and show your sexy side in front of him, this season’s sex life will be even more perfect.

Although sex requires the cooperation of both sides to achieve perfection, often men are more active, women are shyer. To allow women to take the initiative to express their desire for sex life, add interest, the editor in particular integrated men can not stand the temptation of 10 actions, a try it!

How to attract a guy? 1. Lick your lips lightly

For a man, the lip is the first door to open a woman’s body, and the first thing a man thinks of when he loves a woman is to kiss it. Try licking your lips intentionally or unintentionally with the tip of your tongue (it’s recommended to practice it in front of the mirror) and tease a man’s desires.

How to attract a guy? 2. Show your hips unscathed

A woman’s buttocks are a man’s focus, so even if a woman wants to lose weight, she doesn’t have to make a special difference in her hips. You can try lying on his back, buttocks swinging touch to provoke him.

How to attract a guy? 3. If looming

Try changing into Deep V pyjamas and lying sideways in front of him, not believing he can resist your looming chest.

How to attract a guy? 4. Wear a silk sling

Opting for a silk sling skirt when choosing pyjamas, the crystal-clear silk caresses a woman’s smooth, delicate skin, enough to speed up a man’s heartbeat.

How to attract a guy? 5. Out of the water hibiscus

Does he get to bed in the morning? Why don’t you take a bath first! The woman after the bath is out of the water, the skin is smooth and elastic. At this time put on a bathrobe, do not tie the belt too tightly, feel as long as a single move will all fall off, this situation to men does not want to be right and wrong is very difficult.

How to attract a guy? 6. Tease your beautiful hair

If you have long hair, try changing into an off-the-shoulder top, with long hair scattered, head slightly tilted, unwittingly teasing long hair, he must be very moved.

How to attract a guy? 7. “I want”

In the soft light, holding a man kissing him, in the earlobe sprayed with heat and then gently said “I want”, this is a woman’s sexiest moment, no man can refuse.

How to attract a guy? 8. The clothes are wet

Put on a long white T-Shirt and bathe with him, and when you’re not surprised by your move, he’s already attracted to the curves that show up when your body is wet.

How to attract a guy? 9. Kiss the navel

Although the navel has no sexual excitement, it stimulates vision and touch, almost touching his nerves. Try kissing it first to kick off perfect sex.

How to attract a guy? 10. Kiss the body

What stops his navel? Kissing his chest and legs across his clothes also makes him want to be right and wrong, starting with kissing his ear back or fingers!

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