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Men and women in bed to please each other, sometimes men take the initiative, sometimes women also want to innate the little wildcat, the good opponent of the role to live. Last time talked about what women do in the tangle that will make men score, this time a different angle said that men how to do will make women higher and more comfortable. After reading remember to share with the male companion ah!

8 skills of sex 1. Women are comfortable with just one word: wet

The woman’s vagina was moist enough during sex, indicating that she was in a state of excitement, and the body indicated that it was ready for later insertions.

Therefore, what men have to do is to find a way to make a woman’s lower body naturally moist, such as gently massage, breasts, etc., avoid anxiety, not wet put in unless you are playing forced entry role-playing game.

8 skills of sex 2. Personal favourite position

Each person has their own favourite sex position, if the opponent to do this position, it will be more exciting. Some women like the rear-facing style, enjoy the pleasure of being conquered by men from the back, some women like to lie down, let men hold their feet, visually facing everyone, feel more cordial.

Also, want a woman higher, do not have to turn a lot of position every time, try a new position between it, during the period of their own “persistent”, comfortable or not is visible.

8 skills of sex 3. Show your excited little brother

Women see men erections, in fact, there will be a kind of inexplicable excitement, just like men see women naked breasts, and, men for you hard, women will feel good about themselves.

8 skills of sex 4. Where’s the shot?

Men tend to be the most comfortable for women before ejaculation orgasm (because it’s longer and closer to a woman’s vagina before ejaculation). And men can shoot in addition to inside, but also in a woman’s body, such as chest, face, and even mouth. High’s feelings are also psychologically critical in addition to being physical.

8 skills of sex 5. Suck the ice cream on your body

Instead of watching Fifty Shades of Grey much, it’s well known that the “ice fire” touch is a more exciting way to make sex more exciting. Put the ice cream on the woman’s body and lick or suck it with your tongue! Ice is also possible, the most important thing is to make the sex process fresh.

8 skills of sex 6. Don’t take off your panties.

Don’t think it’s best to undress, two people do too much, what haven’t you seen? Have men ever tried to enter when a woman doesn’t take off her underwear? Set your panties aside! Women have pleasure from impulse!

8 skills of sex 7. After-the-fact care

Think women can’t run away, in addition to the bed is strong enough, after-the-fact care is also very important. Men help erase a woman’s body fluids, help clean them, or shower together! Maybe the second half started in the bathroom…

8 skills of sex 8. Oral praise

A man praises a woman in bed for her flirting, praises her for her good health, or what she’s thinking when he first meets her, what part of her body she likes best.

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