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Did not reach a climax when making love, always feel lacked spark? Many girls ask what kind of sexual posture can make them reach climax, but ignore other unimportant factors. Are there any of the following five reasons that prevent you from reaching climax?

5 female orgasmic disorder 1.Forget to go to the toilet before making love

Dr. van Kirk, a sex therapist, pointed out that many women do not have the habit of urinating before making love. Imagine how they can enjoy making love once their bladder is full? At this time, the brain has to process two signals of tolerance and sexual stimulation at the same time, so that you can’t relax and feel happy.

Go to the toilet at the critical moment

Maybe you will ask, will going to the toilet at the critical moment not destroy the atmosphere? If you have this worry, you might as well go to the toilet when you turn off the light, light the candle, change the sexy underwear and so on. It not only avoids embarrassment but also makes the other party look forward to it.

5 female orgasmic disorder 2. Sedentary and lack of activity

Women’s pelvic floor muscles, like other parts of the body, need constant activity. Dr. van Kirk, a sex therapist, said that when we are sedentary, the pelvic floor muscles will become stiff due to lack of activity, which will not only cause muscle soreness but also affect our sex life. Many women find this problem only after several years of white-collar work.

Women leave their seats every hour to do some simple stretching.

Dr. van Kirk recommends that women leave their seats every hour and do some simple stretching exercises, such as squatting, yoga butterfly stretch, to ease their muscles.

5 female orgasmic disorder 3. Often wear high heels

There is also an important factor that can affect the pelvic floor muscle, and it is a problem that many women often make unconsciously! According to the research included in the vagina: new biology (published in 2013), when wearing high-heeled shoes, the contraction degree of pelvic floor muscle is similar to that when reaching climax, and both situations will make pelvic floor muscle in a tense state. When we receive sexual stimulation, the muscles are too tight to convey the message of orgasm to the brain. In other words, the health of pelvic floor muscles greatly affects the quality of our sexual life.

5 female orgasmic disorder 4. The other half doesn’t know you well enough.

It’s not a person’s responsibility to have a bad sex life. Everyone has a unique sensitive belt and sexual preferences. If the partner doesn’t know what kind of stimulation you like and just cares about your own pleasure, the sex life will be more and more like “handing in homework”. Try to lead the other party to understand their body, and directly say what kind of touch and caress they like, which is a step closer to the climax.

5 female orgasmic disorder 5. Lack of water in the body.

Making love is like a sport. When the body is in a state of exercise, having enough water naturally makes the physical strength better (and more lasting at the same time). Sometimes girls lack lubrication, which may also be caused by a lack of water. Lack of lubrication leads to sexual discomfort. I believe we all know this kind of feeling.

Rehydration is not an hour or two before sex

Replenishing water is not a matter of one or two hours before making love, but a good habit of drinking more water. When you observe the dark colour of urine, you should immediately remind yourself to replenish water. Drink more water more effective prevention of urethritis, after making love to urine, can wash away the bacteria of the pudenda, reduce the trouble of gynecological disease.

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