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Every month, girls face menstrual visits and undergo hormonal changes that increase on special days. However, when menstrual visits to have sex, always worried about health problems. Standing in the doctor’s point of view, the menstrual period should pay attention to cleaning, may not be a good time to have sex, if the mind, the following tips will help you.

1. Play with the water

During menstruation sex, lower body secretion will be mixed through the blood flow, it is easy to soil the sheets difficult to clean. It’s better to try doing it in the shower, one easy to clean, two hot water temperatures can soothe the muscles that are strained by pain.

The texture of the blood is more viscous, can provide special lubrication so that the other side is easier to enter, and natural secretion is not the same touch I believe will bring you freshness.

Some people may not accept the red visual stimulation, take a bath to act, dilute the blood, can avoid the blood destroying the atmosphere. Remember to be careful not to get raw water into the vagina, wear back clothes immediately after the end to avoid catching a cold ah!

2. Live waterproof mat

Menstrual sex, with a towel pad, is not a good way, with the waterproof pad will be more convenient and practical. There are many waterproof mats on the market, the most common is BB diaper waterproof mats. The advantage of a waterproof pad is that the liquid can not penetrate, for example, body fluids, massage oil, water and other liquids can not penetrate, and can be washed with a washing machine, which is definitely a good helper of menstruation.

As long as you prepare a large waterproof pad, you can play freely on the waterproof pad, can use the usual favourite sex position. Of course, the waterproof pad should be cleaned as soon as possible after use to avoid leaving stains.

3. Menstrual cup

If you do not want to have plug-in sex during the menstrual period, consider using a menstrual cup. Menstrual cups block the flow of blood through the vaginal mouth, and we can reach orgasm by stimulating the position.

Since menstrual cups are not exposed, the use of shock eggs, oral love or shallow fingering is not a problem. Foreign studies have shown that orgasms during menstruation stimulate the brain to secrete dopamine, a natural painkiller, which helps relieve menstrually and muscle soreness. A simple, clean orgasm is definitely worth a try.

4. Take security measures

“Red light” sounds exciting, but we cannot ignore the importance of safety measures. Remember to remind each other to wear condoms, first contraception (because menstruation may not be a safe period), second to avoid alkaline pH values affect vaginal health, the third is to prevent the spread of disease. If you have a gynecological condition or are unwell during menstruation, avoid having sex and wait until your body is ready to enjoy it.

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