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How to attract a guy?

You can’t bear to leave the warm bed every morning, and so does he. If you can seize the moment and show your sexy side in front of him, this season’s sex life will be even more perfect.

emotional Life Love Psychology

8 skills of sex

Men and women in bed to please each other, sometimes men take the initiative, sometimes women also want to innate the little wildcat, the good opponent of the role to live.

emotional Life Love Psychology

4 tips for Having Sex During Your Period – Verywell Health

Every month, girls face menstrual visits and undergo hormonal changes that increase on special days. However, when menstrual visits to have sex, always worried about health problems. Standing in the doctor’s point of view, the menstrual period should pay attention to cleaning, may not be a good time to have sex, if the mind, the following tips will help you.

emotional Life Love Psychology

What attracts a man to a woman sexually?

Do you have sex every day after work from busy work? On weekends, it’s not easy to go out for four more trips, or visit relatives and friends. How easy it is to evoke the other half. Love underwear, A film are ineffective, want to seize the opportunity to attract each other, it is better to refer to the expert’s views.

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Are Women Hornier in Their 30s?

In countless gossip and stall magazines, there is an old saying that women have a strong libido when they are in their 30s and 40s.

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How to ask someone out?

Getting close to a woman and asking her out on a date is very difficult for us.
This can lead to embarrassment and rejection, which is enough to keep most of us completely away from the prospect.
Unfortunately, just like going to the dentist, this is something that has to be done.

emotional Life Love Psychology

7 signs of marriage failure

It is said that the marriage rate is on the decline. However, a repeated statistic shows that 50% of first marriages end in divorce, which has not changed in the past 30 years.

emotional Life Love Psychology

5 female orgasmic disorder

Did not reach a climax when making love, always feel lacked spark? Many girls ask what kind of sexual posture can make them reach climax, but ignore other unimportant factors. Are there any of the following five reasons that prevent you from reaching climax?