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If it wasn’t for sex during the menstrual period, but for bleeding during sex, women would certainly be worried and confused. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, up to 9% of sexually active women also experience post-sexual bleeding. What causes a woman to blood after sex? The cause may involve any of the following.

1 Yeast or bacterial infection

According to Dr. Dweck, women often blame infections for bleeding after sex, saying yeast and bacterial infections can cause inflammation of fragile tissues in blood vessels, such as vasculitis and cervicitis. When these tissues become inflamed, they become more vulnerable and have the opportunity to bleed during sex.

When yeast is unbalanced in the vagina, there will be excessive white secretions and itching, and bacterial infections are caused by too many bacteria in the vagina, such as wearing wet bathing suits for long periods of time, forgetting to urinate after (which is important) have the opportunity to cause vasculitis, if urinating when there is a bad odour or itching, remember to see a doctor immediately, to avoid errors.

What causes a woman to blood after sex? 2.SEXUALly transmitted infections

Gonorrhea and hydropathic infections rarely show obvious symptoms in women, but if a woman bleeds after sex, it indicates an opportunity to get sexually transmitted infections, we should pay attention. Condom use can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and when you have symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, tell your partner immediately.

According to Dr. Dweck, these infections don’t necessarily cause you to bleed every time you have sex. Even if there is only one bleeding experience after four to five sexual acts, infection is still possible. Regardless of frequency, make sure to have a gynecological examination.

3 . Vaginal dryness

In addition to the above-mentioned symptoms of infection, the most common post-sexual bleeding is due to vaginal dryness. There are two main reasons for vaginal dryness: low levels of estrogen (cancer treatment, menopause, and taking low estrogen contraceptives), antihistamines used to treat allergies, and the opportunity to cause vaginal dryness.

Estrogen helps keep vaginal tissue flowing and is the reason for keeping the vagina lubricated. However, when estrogen levels change, blood flow to vaginal tissue is affected, reducing lubrication and drying problems. When the vagina doesn’t have enough secretions, it can cause bleeding when sex is rubbed. At this point, you may need to purchase vaginal lubricant.

What causes a woman to blood after sex? 4. No sex for a long time

If a woman is long, it can be a month or to several years, depending on the body mass, which can cause bleeding. This bleeding comes from tiny arteries to fragile tissue around the vagina and cervix.

When there is nothing inside the vagina, it is basically a collapsed channel. Therefore, tissue stretching and tearing is not uncommon when sexual activity is performed, which is why a little blood may flow. If you often struggle with sex, tell your doctor to seek a solution; try using more lubricant, and more gentle foreplay to slowly reduce the risk of tearing.

5 Rough sex

Dr. Dweck also notes that if it is violent or violent sex (the threshold varies from person to person), it can sometimes lead to bleeding during sex. Deeper in the vagina, the body is prone to bleeding, even if there is no infection or dryness, so rough sex can lead to a considerable amount of blood.

Note that sex that is rough enough to cause bleeding requires mutual consent, just like any sexual act. Dr. Dweck says your partner is having rough sex but you should seek help and guidance to avoid physical harm if you do not enjoy and consent.

6 pregnancy

According to the American Pregnancy Association, bleeding after sex is not uncommon, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, because a woman’s cervix is particularly sensitive during pregnancy.

Bleeding is also a sign of miscarriage, but the American Pregnancy Association guarantees that normality does not lead to miscarriage. But if you’re bleeding after discovering sex during pregnancy, you should stop having sex until the next time you see an obstetrician or gynecologist.

7Cervical polyps

Polyps are small bulbs like growths about 1 cm or 2 cm in length and are relatively harmless in the cervix. No one really knows why some people get cervical polyps while others don’t. the benign growth of these tissues only grows in the cervical canal or on the surface of the cervix.

Cervical polyps are very fragile, if they are stimulated, it is easy to bleed. If you suspect you have a polyp, you can only have it examined by your gynecologist, who will decide whether to remove it and have a biopsy.

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