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A passive woman never gets what she deserves. Take, occasionally change roles, feel and understand each other’s positions, love will be complete. Take the initiative to have sex, woman!

5 sexual skills1. masturbated in front of him

Men like to watch women masturbate. For them, that mysterious pleasure is more three-dimensional than watching an AV. When it’s sexy, don’t suppress yourself, even if you caress yourself gently. If he’s around you, he might pretend to be sleeping and peek, or even touch his ups and downs.

A woman can also try to stop when he’s excited, and he’ll probably beg you not to stop. Women who masturbate are sexier, and men must agree.

5 sexual skills2. Treat your bed with the most beautiful gesture

What do you wear to sleep? The decline of University tee? Old clothes with hair and holes? Come on! Woman, if you want to respect yourself, you should be good to yourself first. Sleeping accounts for one-third of the time in life. Of course, you should wear comfortable clothes and make yourself the most beautiful woman in the world.

Sexy lingerie, silk bathrobes, and even a naked “wear” on your favourite perfume, only you can make yourself your favourite sexy thing. Men are too easy to recover.

5 sexual skills3. actively stroked his sensitive belt

If every time a man makes an express or implied offer of love, try to take the initiative. Your man should have an accelerated heartbeat and a bad sexual excitement.

Simply slide your hand on his chick and it will grow up (so cute). If you love him deeply, you may as well take the initiative for him. He would be happy until he thought he was in heaven. Men, in fact, it’s easy.

5 sexual skills4. Praise him for loving him

This trick is the easiest. The world loves to be praised. Tell the man, “Your pectoral muscles seem to be getting bigger and bigger.” “You’re the thickest and longest I’ve ever met!” “Your body is so sweet, I want to eat you!” OK, look at the composition, make sentences, women refuel.

5 sexual skills5. Choose the gesture he likes

In the process of sex, women you have to cooperate with men, otherwise, why do you have sex with each other? If you don’t want to cooperate with him, be the one who took the initiative and let him cooperate with you. Do you remember his favourite position or gesture? If you don’t remember, please review, because you don’t have the heart to enjoy and feel the other person’s state in love.

Some men like the position of “woman up and down” because he can open his limbs and even put his palms under his head to appreciate a woman’s “horse-riding” posture.

Now that you know each other’s preferences, enjoy them with him. Sex is a little bit of effort on both sides to sublimation.

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