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Sex is different between men and women! Women love, men may not love; men enjoy, women will feel strange. Listen to men’s heart, see the way men love sex and sexual skills, so as to know more about men, you may be deeply inspired!Difference between man and woman sexually.

1 sex skills: love to speak


“Men are more direct. If a woman has any requests for sexual love, please put forward them boldly. No matter what the sexual moves are, just let them go. And men like to listen to women’s groans, please don’t be shy, call out to help men more pleasant. “Dave, 26

Sex skills: oral sex with each other

“Men really like women’s oral sex for themselves. They think that a woman who loves herself should not mind oral sex. And the man first for women oral sex, in fact, also hope to next step for their own oral sex. Oral sex is really important, so I’m afraid that women’s triangles have thick pubic hair. I personally like women to take off all their pubic hair. Tim, 38

Sex skills: chatting while having sex

“Don’t think that men don’t like to talk when they have sex. I just think that sharing each other’s feelings in a satisfying and happy process of making love is indispensable. Men also need to communicate because of their important vision. Sex without conversation is like one night stand, which reflects that men don’t attach much importance to you. Charles, 27

Sex skills: foreplay is very important

“A lot of men are more” throat grabbing “, so I suggest that everything should be done slowly, foreplay should be done properly, make sure that the woman is ready to enter her vagina. Jason, 27

Sex skills: eye contact

“Many people underestimate the importance of eye contact. I think gazing at each other’s eyes will make the process of sex more intimate. The kind of hazy eyes that women have during sex is really sexy. “Mike, 32

Sex skills: give me a compliment

“I like to talk dirty talk with the woman I love. It’s OK to be less rude. If the woman praises her ability, it will certainly make the man more excited. “Dan, 27

7 sex skills: ask each other to play with toys

“I used to use sex toys very much. I used massage sticks when I had sex. I think having sex toys will add fun to the whole process of making love. Women may as well take out your sex toys and let the man serve you. Stephen, 28

8 sex tips: sexy pajamas are fantastic

“If a woman wears very old-fashioned or conservative underwear, that is, the flesh colored bust that she usually wears, I really have no sexual interest, and it’s hard for me to have the impulse to touch her body, so sexy pajamas are really important. Peter, 35

Sex skills: don’t lead


Difference between man and woman sexually.

“Don’t teach me how to make love, don’t give me a score, and don’t give me an advance. It’s a capital crime! Men are bigger in bed than men, women are too dominant, but we are not interesting. Angus, 29

Sex skills: light

“I don’t like making love in the dark, so when a woman asks to turn off the light, it’s like pouring cold water on her. Because I want to see a woman’s expression, her expression will directly affect my performance. Daniel, 23

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