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Because the world is not willing to talk about sex and admit how important sex is, Beverly often talks about sex and love in a high profile. Without sex, humans would have been extinct. Sex is a mirror, let us see two people in the relationship of the most naked nature. There can be no good sex without trust and love. Anyway, making love is not only to catalyze love but also has many unexpected alternative benefits.


Happy sex, not happy more to make love because making love is to make you happy

When making love, the human body will produce pleasant hormones, which can last for 12 hours! It’s so easy to be mentally happy. However, the premise is that you should put in and enjoy the present, and let all worldly depression go with the wind. The things that can be solved will be solved, and the things that can’t be solved can be solved. That’s Beverly’s motto. I’m kidding.




Headache cures the head, toothache cures the teeth, eye ache cures the eyes

During sex, the brain releases a lot of natural painkillers endorphins. According to a study in the journal headache, sex can relieve migraines, cluster headache and other recurrent headaches It’s an indisputable fact that sex can cure headaches. According to the experience of Beverly wisdom tooth stripping surgery and laser eye correction surgery, the discomfort and pain of eyes or teeth after surgery are eliminated during sex. Every point of excitement in the genitals blocks the pain. Orgasm can even increase a woman’s pain tolerance by 70%. So sex is a panacea.




Making love makes your skin smoother and your face rosier.

Lovemaking ingredients are 100% natural and have no side effects. Beverly is not selling ads, because sex doesn’t cost any money. Just, again, trust and love. Sex can maximize blood flow and circulation, let you pink Feifei, skin colour is no longer dark. When the body perspires, the impurities and toxins in the pores will also be discharged, and the skin will look smooth. Women should be waiting for vigorous sex!


Sex, self-cultivation and weight loss

Sex is a sweet bed exercise, which can make your blood flow, heart beat faster, increase blood circulation, sweat and burn calories. Sex burns at least 200 calories every 10 minutes. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you might as well increase the length and density of sex. Man, come on Different postures will use different muscles, and the sitting posture of women up and men down is the best time for abdominal movement. If it’s a female Knight squatting position, it can also collect the extra fat on the inside of the thigh. Women’s lower half arch bridge (lying flat, legs flexing, buttocks and upper body off the ground, supported by baseboard, head and shoulders) also allows you to have a tight abdomen and peach hips. Peach butt!


Sex brings a good night’s sleep

Don’t talk to me about the pressure and the problem of poor sleep. It’s all self-inflicted. Sex can relieve the pressure and release the tense body and mind. After the climax, the body will naturally relax, can easily enter the sleep state. Diwali and men snore together after every synchronized orgasm until dawn.


My friend, there is nothing to worry about in this world. Make love and have a good sleep.

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