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The benefits of sex are more than joy. Make-up fans must know that the world’s most popular sebum comes from the NARS “#Orgasm” colour number, the skin just after intense exercise from the inside out to reveal a glossy feeling swept the world. There has also been a study: “Women who have three orgasms a week are on average 2 times younger than those who look 10 years younger” Can sex really make the skin feel better? ELLE UK editor JESSICA DEFINO personally play the spirit of the experimenter, and then consult the various experts, decided to carry out 7 days of real-life testing, the complete record of the “skin after the end” status, together to see her heart report.

Benefits of sex for women.1 Pre-job for the benefit of sex testing

The measure of the benefits of orgasms for sex is inspired by Regena Thomashauer’s book: A Reed, which states: “I firmly believe that orgasm forces inspire a woman’s aura.” 」

After an in-depth investigation, I really found a link between orgasm and skin improvement. In the 1990s, researcher David Weeks studied 3,500 patients and found that women who had three orgasms a week were on average 10 years younger than women who had only two orgasms. Recent studies have shown that women release skin-healthy hormones (such as estrogen, which help maintain collagen) during orgasm, reduce cortisol production (stress hormones that can wreak havoc on the skin), and promote blood circulation, stimulate and repair collagen.

Writer Thomashauer advises me on the benefits of sex: “The only thing that changes my skin in my 30s is that I orgasm every day, and if I’m going to modify your experiment, I’m going to try to orgasm twice a day because that’s the most obvious way to improve my skin.” (Although there is no scientific proof of this, why not try it?) )

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Benefits of sex for women 2. Orgasm plans twice a day

My orgasm plan is to have a DIY in the morning and work with my husband in the evening (which, I admit, is a bit difficult), but it’s really hard to find the right time to experience the extra fun. There are a lot of uncertainties: family visits, long-planned face trips (which can affect skin conditions), but I decided to try my best to get the job done!

3 Changes over the past 7 days

Day 1: The skin is a little dark, with some acne scars and redness, especially under my nose. Immediately after the first orgasm (DIY) ran to look in the mirror, and sure enough, my cheeks were dyed naturally good-looking pink as expected, but that’s all. Coupled with my husband’s temporary overtime also let my plan that night be in the dodgy.

Day 2 and 3: I found that I underestimated the difficulty of carrying out two activities in a day and that it was impossible to complete in a set time, but in the spirit of the experimenter I had an obligation to do so. But I compared the day’s selfies to the day before. Discover that the skin really is glowing!

Day 4: Really almost gave up, although the whole skin radiant, but into the orgasm of the pre-work really quickly let me breathless. Usually, my face will appear a small number of cystic pox to remind me of the precursor to menstruation, but in the course of the experiment, acne did not even take. It’s a shock to me, it’s a revolutionary discovery! Have I found a cure for acne?!

Last three days: Compared to the first day, my skin on the seventh day significantly reduced inflammation and acne, and it did look healthier and ruddier, and the whole thing glowed. Day by day it’s really hard to notice changes, but from the initial and final comparisons it turns out that “my skin looks amazing!” 」

4 Not responsible for the report

The experiment was private and not 100% executed as planned, and there was no scientific basis, and I began to wonder if the results were merely self-comforting. So I ran to the dermatologist to get an answer.

Dr. Jennifer Vickers of Sannova Dermatology, Texas, acknowledges that orgasm causes the brain to trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone that relaxes you, by lowering cortisol levels and blocking skin reactions caused by stress-related skin diseases.

“If orgasms are really good for my skin, why haven’t I heard of them before?” she said. Thomashauer said: “Because orgasms don’t cost money to buy, people only care about the good or bad use of the product, there is no promotion?” The benefits of orgasm may be only temporary. So for your skin to have long-term benefits, your orgasm patterns must be consistent, at least once a day. 」

I think women need to rely on the maintenance of heavy patients because to do their best to maintain the skin after the super good state. While I can’t guarantee that regular orgasms will completely get rid of acne or wrinkles, I can guarantee that it’s more fun (and cheaper) than definitely running dermatology.

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